Finding the right mohair seems impossible!

I am having the hardest time EVER finding black, curly mohair that is not dry and brittle.
I’ve spoken to two Etsy shops, both who had less than a half ounce. Since I’m doing two dolls heads with it. less than half an ounce isn’t going to be enough.
I want them to have thick curly hair.
Slumberland is still closed.

Why is this so hard?

Ok end vent. LOL!!!


Check @sugargliderus.

She has some of the most gorgeous curly mohair. She usually accepts custom orders. This is some of my past orders.


That is gorgeous! Exactly what I’m looking for! :slight_smile:


She updates her site every Friday with new hair that is available usually she’ll have a variety including black curly mohair but as I was mentioning she does accept custom orders.


I contacted her on her site. Hopefully she has what i need.
I’ve never struggled to find the mohair I need so much. lol!



I sent her a PM. :slight_smile: thanks.

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I’m sure she does. She’s pretty much the only hair that I use. Here’s some of it rooted. Some is wavy and some curly.

Penny was a mix of straight-wave and wavy.

This was a coarse curly texture.


Wow they are beautiful! :slight_smile: I’m rooting these two.


Adorable!!! What type of eyes does your Asher Awake have? I’ve been trying to find something like them.

They are full round glass geman eyes in dark brown.
I bought them on ebay.

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Did you try emailing slumberland ? I bought some mohair from her a month or so ago but had to email her.

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Do you have an email for her?

Wow, your babies are gorgeous. I think they look great! I hear darker skinned babies are hard to paint because there are different shades on different areas! I can’t wait to do my first one. I have just ordered my paints!

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