Finding member lists

Do we no longer have a membership list - it has shown up on my facebook page that a lot of members cannot access the new forum because they forgot their forum name. We used to be able to look that up - has the membership list been removed?

Well, I found the answer to my own question although it took some searching (very awkward forum setup, sorry) but if you are looking for a member you can go to the top right corner & select the magnifying glass and type in what ever you are looking for – I typed in the first name and came up with postings and then two membership names also showed. I think I found what I was looking for but honestly, there is no way someone would know to use that icon - no function is identified. I sure hope this all gets sorted out soon.

I asked the same question. I think Emily with BB has given up on helping! LOL! I wanted to be able to look up a list of ALL the members and how many posts they have made and when they joined. At this point, we all joined at the same time!


Of course not!! :smiley: Would never give up on you guys! :wink: I apologize for the late reply. If you go to your profile, under BADGES, you can click on any badge and it will show you all the members in that badges category. (Most all members are in both badges Regular and Basic.)

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Thanks Emily

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They don’t appear to be in any kind of order? Not helpful!


I agree - it would be much better if this listing was alphabetical

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So that’s the next request. Can that listing be made alphabetical? It’s the only way to find someone and be sure you just didn’t miss their name.

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I will see if I can get a better view of this.

@ginnylee Please post to your Facebook page, that any members that have not been able to access there account on the new forum to PM me on facebook: Bountiful Baby
There old user name and email associated with there account and I can verify there information.

Many of the Usernames had to be shorted or changed because they did not comply with format of valid usernames for this forum software."

Here is the list of forum names that were changed. It was included in the email I got from BB about the changes.

There’s also exactly 431 of the old forum names that needed to be changed because they did not comply with format of valid usernames for this forum software. Those usernames are shown below. Those people can either log in with their email address, or via their new username as shown below:

Username catherine_weebabesnursery changed to catherineweebab
Username morningsidenursery changed to morningsidenurs
Username debbiesdreambabies changed to debbiesdreambab
Username brendaʹs babies changed to brendas_babies
Username sandiʹs doll house changed to sandisdollhouse
Username preciousnewborns changed to preciousnewborn
Username jan marie changed to jan_marie
Username jo changed to jo_
Username deborahsdarlings changed to deborahsdarling
Username love is forever nursery changed to loveisforevernu
Username crystal s changed to crystal_s
Username kim n changed to kim_n
Username handy denise changed to handy_denise
Username lyndieslovies changed to lyndieslovies
Username kennedys
boutique changed to kennedysboutiqu
Username babyphatt jeannette changed to babyphattjeanne
Username cheri (craftsbycheri) changed to chericraftsbych
Username heavenly~bliss~nursery changed to heavenlyblissnu
Username dreams and fireflies changed to dreamsandfirefl
Username deannea changed to deannea
Username littlelovesnursery changed to littlelovesnurs
Username kandy kiss changed to kandy_kiss
Username angelsbreathreborns changed to angelsbreathreb
Username northern nurse changed to northern_nurse
Username lisa g changed to lisa_g
Username kylie in aus changed to kylie_in_aus
Username karen marie feldhousen changed to karenmariefeldh
Username ~a~ changed to a__
Username iris-jean changed to iris_jean
Username kathis heaven sent babies changed to kathisheavensen
Username ~hhb~ changed to hhb
Username janet g changed to janet_g
Username kimmʹs kreations changed to kimms_kreations
Username patricia/rockabyboutique changed to patriciarockaby
Username kendrasgardenbabies changed to kendrasgardenba
Username binky baby nursery changed to binkybabynurser
Username kayʹs kids changed to kays_kids
Username laurieslittlelullabies changed to laurieslittlelu
Username heavenstinyangels changed to heavenstinyange
Username lauraʹs little angels changed to lauraslittleang
Username crystal~caelinsmomma changed to crystalcaelinsm
Username laurie m. changed to laurie_m
Username tiny_toes_nursery changed to tinytoesnursery
Username sweet babies changed to sweet_babies
Username jacquelyncraigandjacque changed to jacquelyncraiga
Username bigtrishsnursery changed to bigtrishsnurser
Username rosa minis changed to rosa_minis
Username cristina heredia changed to cristinaheredia
Username annie angel changed to annie_angel
Username dollydimplesrebornnursery changed to dollydimplesreb
Username lastingmemoriesnursery changed to lastingmemories
Username robertasnugasabug changed to robertasnugasab
Username dollyaddiction(shelby) changed to dollyaddictions
Username nurturingnaturally changed to nurturingnatura
Username kris robinson changed to kris_robinson
Username debbie in az changed to debbie_in_az
Username lynchie 1 changed to lynchie_1
Username jean the baby lady changed to jeanthebabylady
Username sweetiepie changed to sweetiepie
Username lily marleneʹs nursery changed to lilymarlenesnur
Username whitney c changed to whitney_c
Username c. ann changed to c_ann
Username joyful sounds nursery changed to joyfulsoundsnur
Username kj changed to kj_
Username renaissance babies changed to renaissancebabi
Username lilgirl@heart changed to lilgirl_heart
Username patricia ann changed to patricia_ann
Username mochabella nursery changed to mochabellanurse
Username tarnya g changed to tarnya_g
Username mama s changed to mama_s
Username timeless impressions changed to timelessimpress
Username amazingcreationsnursery changed to amazingcreation
Username cc mel changed to cc_mel
Username cherishedmoments changed to cherishedmoment
Username ginaʹs special deliveries changed to ginasspecialdel
Username spectacular sparkles changed to spectacularspar
Username 4ever babies changed to 4ever_babies
Username maria@babiessoreal changed to mariababiessore
Username linda.hill47 changed to linda_hill47
Username lavigneʹs lil miracles changed to lavigneslilmira
Username christine e changed to christine_e
Username garnets percious jewels changed to garnetspercious
Username heathers-cherubs changed to heatherscherubs
Username judy ann changed to judy_ann
Username caa
reborns changed to caareborns
Username loretta in ar changed to loretta_in_ar
Username neiseʹs nursery changed to neises_nursery
Username annie b changed to annie_b
Username bluegrass~baby changed to bluegrassbaby
Username rose blossom angels changed to roseblossomange
Username susan from la changed to susan_from_la
Username empty nester changed to empty_nester
Username victorianlady4god changed to victorianlady4g
Username pat moulton changed to pat_moulton
Username kathys korner changed to kathys_korner
Username lullabybabiesnursery changed to lullabybabiesnu
Username stonehillnursery changed to stonehillnurser
Username smidgetteʹs nursery changed to smidgettesnurse
Username brooke nicole changed to brooke_nicole
Username grandma treasure changed to grandmatreasure
Username tiny earth angels nursery changed to tinyearthangels
Username magicangelsreborns changed to magicangelsrebo
Username teaserʹs girl changed to teasers_girl
Username diana miller changed to diana_miller
Username fancypantsflounces changed to fancypantsfloun
Username debslittleangels changed to debslittleangel
Username sage brush nursery changed to sagebrushnurser
Username claudia borges changed to claudia_borges
Username littlefeetnursery changed to littlefeetnurse
Username kinder garden babies changed to kindergardenbab
Username angelstouchnursery changed to angelstouchnurs
Username spendalotta-2008 changed to spendalotta2008
Username finea-lulinas changed to finea_lulinas
Username angelsoflovenursery changed to angelsoflovenur
Username l.n.d changed to l_n_d
Username â¥blissfulâ¥kissables⥠changed to blissfulkissabl
Username cloudtop creations changed to cloudtopcreatio
Username donna rubert changed to donna_rubert
Username sambok studio changed to sambok_studio
Username tina w. changed to tina_w
Username nanapuddndesigns changed to nanapuddndesign
Username mel@babybundle changed to mel_babybundle
Username pearl.r changed to pearl_r
Username kimskreations793 changed to kimskreations79
Username hotchocolate110353 changed to hotchocolate110
Username dianelovesbabies changed to dianelovesbabie
Username aliciaslilangels changed to aliciaslilangel
Username lowpriceleader864 changed to lowpriceleader8
Username thestorksdelivery changed to thestorksdelive
Username june m from oz changed to june_m_from_oz
Username kristʹscutiesnursery changed to kristscutiesnur
Username cuppy - cake babies changed to cuppycakebabies
Username sleepydreamsnursery changed to sleepydreamsnur
Username heavenly angels changed to heavenly_angels
Username lizʹs lilʹ angels changed to lizs_lil_angels
Username neverlandnursery changed to neverlandnurser
Username leeslullabynursery changed to leeslullabynurs
Username w-m-dickison changed to w_m_dickison
Username passionatereborner changed to passionaterebor
Username patsy blackburn changed to patsy_blackburn
Username i am jo changed to i_am_jo
Username de fie 48 changed to de_fie_48
Username sara emmalu changed to sara_emmalu
Username dl-1 changed to dl_1
Username a.petersonoriginals changed to apetersonorigin
Username lisa s. changed to lisa_s
Username linda r changed to linda_r
Username debra mcneely changed to debra_mcneely
Username wendy brook changed to wendy_brook
Username prairiepatchnursery changed to prairiepatchnur
Username suddenly.1976 changed to suddenly_1976
Username aheartsdesire changed to aheartsdesire
Username hunnibunni babies changed to hunnibunnibabie
Username jeanette neaton changed to jeanette_neaton
Username s&sb changed to sampsb
Username gummybearcreations changed to gummybearcreati
Username new beginnings changed to new_beginnings
Username sarahelizabethii changed to sarahelizabethi
Username viviana macarron changed to vivianamacarron
Username emeraldhillnursery changed to emeraldhillnurs
Username brenda schillaci changed to brendaschillaci
Username amanda young changed to amanda_young
Username babyblossomreborns changed to babyblossomrebo
Username shyshushabyebabies changed to shyshushabyebab
Username terriʹstreasures changed to terristreasures
Username reneetuminello13 changed to reneetuminello1
Username bellabambinonursery changed to bellabambinonur
Username sharon t changed to sharon_t
Username lolaʹs little loves changed to lolaslittlelove
Username destinysrebornbabies changed to destinysrebornb
Username lisaslifetimenursery changed to lisaslifetimenu
Username foreverangelicbabies changed to foreverangelicb
Username vynettesbassinette changed to vynettesbassine
Username ribbons and rainbows changed to ribbonsandrainb
Username bobbie-jo changed to bobbie_jo
Username ilovemyreborns107 changed to ilovemyreborns1
Username reborns by grace changed to rebornsbygrace
Username dream_catcher_babies changed to dreamcatcherbab
Username annabellaʹsangels changed to annabellasangel
Username mary dittoe changed to mary_dittoe
Username anjinhos reborn changed to anjinhos_reborn
Username possumeyes-nursery changed to possumeyesnurse
Username pumpkin patchbabies changed to pumpkinpatchbab
Username sandy sphar changed to sandy_sphar
Username littlebarnbabies changed to littlebarnbabie
Username t@littlefeetnursery changed to tlittlefeetnurs
Username new mommy changed to new_mommy
Username zanny-2 changed to zanny_2
Username dald nursery changed to dald_nursery
Username delores bartel changed to delores_bartel
Username ruth parks changed to ruth_parks
Username linda m 49 changed to linda_m_49
Username my unique reborns changed to myuniquereborns
Username elleʹs_lovebug changed to elles_lovebug
Username mary setzer changed to mary_setzer
Username sherrie d. changed to sherrie_d
Username ashtreemeadowbabies changed to ashtreemeadowba
Username julie houtgraaf changed to julie_houtgraaf
Username angelsonlynursery changed to angelsonlynurse
Username agnes lobbezoo changed to agnes_lobbezoo
Username carmen in nj changed to carmen_in_nj
Username nana ichigo changed to nana_ichigo
Username sophie dahl changed to sophie_dahl
Username littlestarrʹsnursery changed to littlestarrsnur
Username reborns-r-a-must65 changed to rebornsramust65
Username kayʹs lil keepers changed to kayslilkeepers
Username arianna.iacobucci changed to ariannaiacobucc
Username debs babies changed to debs_babies
Username lovabelle babies changed to lovabellebabies
Username lydia yee changed to lydia_yee
Username gumdrops nursery changed to gumdropsnursery
Username essenceofinnocence changed to essenceofinnoce
Username elvira peralta changed to elvira_peralta
Username judy oram changed to judy_oram
Username elsie jo changed to elsie_jo
Username bobbis bitsy bundles changed to bobbisbitsybund
Username orange_grove_nursery changed to orangegrovenurs
Username g. annie changed to g_annie
Username donnasdollyworld changed to donnasdollyworl
Username angel always changed to angel_always
Username gardengatebabies changed to gardengatebabie
Username fairy tail babies changed to fairytailbabies
Username rejane cunha lana changed to rejanecunhalana
Username carla knight changed to carla_knight
Username mary ivory changed to mary_ivory
Username samratalhayatgalerie changed to samratalhayatga
Username linda batson changed to linda_batson
Username love my babies changed to love_my_babies
Username heavensangelsnursery changed to heavensangelsnu
Username exceptional-reborns changed to exceptionalrebo
Username teresa bierton changed to teresa_bierton
Username mylittlesweetiepie changed to mylittlesweetie
Username diana ev changed to diana_ev
Username stacy wagenaar changed to stacy_wagenaar
Username koffie brown changed to koffie_brown
Username lorraine leach changed to lorraine_leach
Username nancy of tx changed to nancy_of_tx
Username thetwistedbeanstalk changed to thetwistedbeans
Username barbaraʹs baby faces changed to barbarasbabyfac
Username my ʹlil smooshkinz changed to mylilsmooshkinz
Username changed to jbonn40299aolco
Username linda powers changed to linda_powers
Username cramblit cottage changed to cramblitcottage
Username debora jenkins changed to debora_jenkins
Username littleangelreborns changed to littleangelrebo
Username tiffany changed to tiffany
Username karen@angelpie changed to karen_angelpie
Username lori stern changed to lori_stern
Username zoé changed to zo_
Username bibsandbubsreborning changed to bibsandbubsrebo
Username mommylovesbabies changed to mommylovesbabie
Username dolly dumplin changed to dolly_dumplin
Username karen in florida changed to kareninflorida
Username binglesbanglesbabies changed to binglesbanglesb
Username cindy musgrove changed to cindy_musgrove
Username lindaʹs nursery changed to lindas_nursery
Username shauen tokuyama changed to shauen_tokuyama
Username helen hammonds changed to helen_hammonds
Username campbellsdollhouse changed to campbellsdollho
Username tiernosangelitos changed to tiernosangelito
Username donnaʹs darlings changed to donnas_darlings
Username carrielovesmonkeys changed to carrielovesmonk
Username the stork basket changed to thestorkbasket
Username lilʹ lambs changed to lil_lambs
Username lizardbreath1981 changed to lizardbreath198
Username aud jorun changed to aud_jorun
Username candyslilsweethearts changed to candyslilsweeth
Username blossoms of june changed to blossomsofjune
Username hugs&kissesnursery changed to hugsampkissesnu
Username kathy themins changed to kathy_themins
Username rhonda fay changed to rhonda_fay
Username djʹs tiny toes changed to djs_tiny_toes
Username geppettosreborns changed to geppettosreborn
Username colleen renee changed to colleen_renee
Username laurasrebornbabies changed to laurasrebornbab
Username kate charles changed to kate_charles
Username papillon nursery changed to papillonnursery
Username vera.k. changed to vera_k
Username debrahenderson38 changed to debrahenderson3
Username apieceofneverland changed to apieceofneverla
Username julie locke changed to julie_locke
Username believablebabies changed to believablebabie
Username matthew black changed to matthew_black
Username kathy christie changed to kathy_christie
Username madewithlilyslove changed to madewithlilyslo
Username lil_sugarʹs changed to lil_sugars
Username nettyandnellysdollys changed to nettyandnellysd
Username angelkissesnursery changed to angelkissesnurs
Username lunatoonyweeones changed to lunatoonyweeone
Username robinrosecreations changed to robinrosecreati
Username bbn&b changed to bbnampb
Username reborn_dolls1965 changed to reborndolls1965
Username pocketfuloftoesies changed to pocketfuloftoes
Username stardreamsnursery changed to stardreamsnurse
Username patricia.skaggs changed to patricia_skaggs
Username twinkle toes changed to twinkle_toes
Username precious luvs changed to precious_luvs
Username carolynsdollhouse changed to carolynsdollhou
Username jellybean babies changed to jellybeanbabies
Username gingerbreadbabies changed to gingerbreadbabi
Username sweetiatheart202 changed to sweetiatheart20
Username cherry-blossom78 changed to cherryblossom78
Username thebabywhisperer changed to thebabywhispere
Username pinocchioʹs nursery changed to pinocchiosnurse
Username happy to paint changed to happy_to_paint
Username michelesbabyboutique changed to michelesbabybou
Username katieʹs little ones changed to katieslittleone
Username carolyn brady changed to carolyn_brady
Username barbara packard changed to barbara_packard
Username jessicasreborns91 changed to jessicasreborns
Username janscountrybumpkins changed to janscountrybump
Username kimberly_tracy03 changed to kimberlytracy03
Username diana j batbour changed to diana_j_batbour
Username pinktwinklesprite changed to pinktwinklespri
Username niki.mom23 changed to niki_mom23
Username sarahsdreambabies changed to sarahsdreambabi
Username silver stork nursery changed to silverstorknurs
Username sonyasʹbubs changed to sonyasbubs
Username changed to prlla9_aol_com
Username rebornersawayÇ changed to rebornersaway
Username diana schmidt changed to diana_schmidt
Username angel blessings nursery changed to angelblessingsn
Username lollipop cradle changed to lollipop_cradle
Username amandaʹsdaisies changed to amandasdaisies
Username bonnie-blue2 changed to bonnie_blue2
Username pammysrebornnursery changed to pammysrebornnur
Username j.b changed to j_b
Username sandys sweethearts changed to sandyssweethear
Username christinascreations changed to christinascreat
Username regina rocha changed to regina_rocha
Username kieshia designs changed to kieshia_designs
Username holdrenittogether changed to holdrenittogeth
Username middleofnowherenursery changed to middleofnowhere
Username graciesforeverbabies changed to graciesforeverb
Username bobbieʹs babies changed to bobbies_babies
Username teenyonesnursery changed to teenyonesnurser
Username always yours nursery changed to alwaysyoursnurs
Username sondra storrer changed to sondra_storrer
Username amy rocky changed to amy_rocky
Username michellelovesreborns changed to michellelovesre
Username lori yee changed to lori_yee
Username changed to marthiebrgmailc
Username jillybeansnursery changed to jillybeansnurse
Username quesia rayner changed to quesia_rayner
Username chenillenicolebabies changed to chenillenicoleb
Username kathie.1 changed to kathie_1
Username jacklyn kossert changed to jacklyn_kossert
Username charmed cherubs changed to charmed_cherubs
Username pumpkin patch changed to pumpkin_patch
Username babies by hope changed to babies_by_hope
Username paula farcas changed to paula_farcas
Username changed to lmcdonyahoocom
Username rebornartist2013 changed to rebornartist201
Username swanlakerebornbabies changed to swanlakerebornb
Username heytheredollface changed to heytheredollfac
Username sassy simmer changed to sassy_simmer
Username twolips and dandelions changed to twolipsanddande
Username rebornloverdeanna changed to rebornloverdean
Username butterflywishesnursery changed to butterflywishes
Username deuse coelho changed to deuse_coelho
Username angelheart200081 changed to angelheart20008
Username nanaʹs nursery changed to nanas_nursery
Username debbie grey changed to debbie_grey
Username gwen t. changed to gwen_t
Username stevie michelle changed to stevie_michelle
Username b. wester changed to b_wester
Username quality-dolls changed to quality_dolls
Username linda humphrey changed to linda_humphrey
Username c.wentworth changed to c_wentworth
Username daynaʹs dolls changed to daynas_dolls
Username neverland_valley_nursery changed to neverlandvalley
Username rosecottagereborns changed to rosecottagerebo
Username judy bloyer changed to judy_bloyer
Username lorraine mortimer changed to lorrainemortime
Username carmen de la mano changed to carmendelamano
Username hollyʹs footprints changed to hollysfootprint
Username lisa dinel changed to lisa_dinel
Username tad original changed to tad_original
Username jeanne-louise changed to jeanne_louise
Username patti langston changed to patti_langston
Username lanaslittlenursery changed to lanaslittlenurs
Username little bundels of joy changed to littlebundelsof
Username endlesscuddlesnursery changed to endlesscuddlesn
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Username painter in the night changed to painterinthenig
Username dougandterryenterprises changed to dougandterryent
Username kimizas reborns changed to kimizas_reborns
Username onemoreimgoinhome changed to onemoreimgoinho
Username susan earlene changed to susan_earlene
Username princessrebornmommy6417 changed to princessrebornm
Username christineskeepsakebabies changed to christineskeeps
Username sonya levette changed to sonya_levette
Username changed to viviane_sg
Username fairyrebornbabies changed to fairyrebornbabi
Username joan risley changed to joan_risley
Username littletoesnursery changed to littletoesnurse
Username thesugarbabynursery changed to thesugarbabynur
Username colorfulcreations changed to colorfulcreatio
Username littlemoonnursery changed to littlemoonnurse
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Username diana michelle changed to diana_michelle
Username michelle ellis changed to michelle_ellis
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Username twopeaʹsinapod changed to twopeasinapod
Username tina at tiny toes changed to tinaattinytoes
Username lambkinsrebornnursery changed to lambkinsrebornn
Username bountifulbabylover changed to bountifulbabylo
Username reborn momma & gammy changed to rebornmommaampg
Username cdw777 changed to cdw777comcastne
Username changed to gailrainescomca
Username bitty bunny reborns changed to bittybunnyrebor
Username welovereborns101 changed to welovereborns10
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Username born 2 love changed to born_2_love
Username j.a.k changed to j_a_k
Username a little whimsy changed to a_little_whimsy
Username magicbeansnursery changed to magicbeansnurse
Username missy mooz changed to missy_mooz
Username bountifulbaby-emily changed to bountifulbabyem

Yes, Everyone that is subscribed to our mailing list should have received this email. If anyone is still having problems logging in, let me know and I can assist you in getting into your account.

I no longer find any “badges” when I look at my profile?

@EmilyBB it does not appear that there is anyway to look up members? Would love a list like the old forum had where they could be looked up alphabetically, or by number of posts, or by date (originally) joined? Although I have learned to function (dare I say - even enjoy) the new format, there are still many areas that don’t compare with the previous format!

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Thank you! I guess it is not interactive for member use? Like “last post” “number of posts” “date joined” and so forth? Is this accessible by the members, or something you did a photo capture of?

It’s not currently interactive, no. The “Number of posts” and so on will update but for now it’s just to view that information. I’m still working with the technical side to put in an interactive list so hopefully in the future sometime… But it’s a start! Lol :smile:

Its not an image and is accessible by all members though. It’s located here:

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Really strange @EmilyBB - I don’t have “member” at the top of the forum page? Her is screen shot from my iPhone.

There was a slight error for mobile devices that I just fixed. Try refreshing the browser on your phone and it will now show. :smile:


Thanks - it is there now!

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