Finally, NO more Flipper/Turkey cuddle body! Yay!

I’ve had Rainebowe Sprinkles, my Cake Smash Clown cuddle baby, for probably about a year now. I had stopped bonding with her and changing her because I thought maybe cuddle babies weren’t for me. Turns out it was just the type of cuddle body and how the seller stuffed her (the limbs had no weight and the arms were so overstuffed they never laid down by her side, always just hanging in midair away from her body and you couldn’t even pose her…her Halloween photo pose is how she looked all the time)…I don’t know if it’s just me, but the old cuddle body looks like a freaking raw turkey. lol

Since I had to order a body for the Twin A I bought from a forum member, I decided to go ahead and order a Macpherson paneled cuddle body. It took me ALL weekend to get her together, due to my arm pain (it took me 3 hours just to stitch up the back of the limbs today).

Overall, I must say it was well worth it. I’m smitten over her once again. Here are a few pics I took after finishing her.

She can even hold her pacifier now.


Much better :relaxed:


Yay she looks so much better! Glad you are enjoying her again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I got one of those bodies from dolls by sandie a few years ago. It’s still sitting in my drawer because I refuse to sell a baby with it :joy::joy:


I really dislike those pointy hands and feet. A good body is extra important for cuddle babies. The BB ones are good. You can actually put shoes on them.


Yes, that first body DOES look like a turkey!

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