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I won a PIF from @nimlet and now it’s my turn! I’ve finally settled into school life and have a tiny bit of free time. So back to the pay it forward lol

If you win this you do not have to do a pay it forward on the forum! I know some people just can’t or are uncomfortable with sending things. If you win you could do something nice for someone around you. Let’s say taking your kids for a treat, taking time and saying nice things to people(like nice to see you/I like your shirt/etc, calling a parent/sibling/family member just to say hi or you love them. These were just examples you don’t have to do any of them. Just pass on the good you know. Make people appreciate living. Making a person happy will make you happy too! I guarantee it! Seeing someone smile because of something you did/said is amazing.
PIF prompt:
In the comments write about how you got into art (of any kind).

I personally got into art at a very young age and it has helped me cope with many different things. You see when I was younger everyone pegged me as shy or different because I literally just would not talk. Teachers even tested me over and over (I was only about 5/6) because they had thought something was wrong with me. Nothing is or was wrong I am naturally just an anxious person and don’t like to talk. Being quiet led to art, my only way of speaking without feeling anxious. Today I still use art as an escape from my anxiety, now from depression as well. Having depression and anxiety causes some pretty weird and disturbing thoughts so being able to keep them quiet and focus on an art is truly magnificent. Being able to suppress thoughts and create something beautiful is one of the best feelings. Reborning is only the newest peg in my arts and crafts journey and I hope to try many many more crafts before I go.

Sorry if that was kind of long. Leave your story in the comments and on Monday September 21st I’ll pick a name and send a package of baby/reborn things!
Good luck! Can’t wait to read your stories!!


I can’t enter your PIF but I just gotta say, you and I have a lot in common :wink:


Art has always been one the biggest parts of who I am. Like almost everyone, I have a deep need to express some secret/hidden places in my soul. Maybe to feel connected and understood. I’ve been a singer, actor, painter, jewelry-maker, author, florist, and all-around crafter since I can remember. Art is the very core of who I am.

I, too, struggle daily with depression and anxiety. Art helps me to calm and distract myself. I am inspired by seeing others’ art in various forms, too. It is an intimate connection between souls, even if you never get to meet the artist.

I love that we get to share our stories, pictures, babies on here. What an awesome forum! :heartpulse:

Sorry, that was kind of a looooooong response, but I can’t sleep and was inspired! :0)


I have always, literally always, as long as my memory reaches, done art in one form or another. As a toddler I made sand bottles by crushing sandstones and laying the colors in bottles just so I could look at them. They were so pretty to me that it made my stomach hurt. And then of course came crayons. I loved the smell, touch, and honestly, the taste of them, LOL. But soon I became frustrated because I couldn’t draw detailswith them . For many years I just drew horses with a number two pencil, but as I got older I began to draw, paint, sculpt, sing about, and write about every aspect of my life. Art is a sixth sense will me… a way to explore the world around me. I would feel crippled without art, as though I had become blind or deaf. I have always loved babies, my own, and everybody elses, and have drawn them and painted them, and made sculptures of them Reborning has allowed me to combine my love of creating pictures with personality, and the creation of realistic three-dimensional art. I’ve alway preferred realism to all the other, more popular, art forms, so these babies are just the perfect canvas to me. How I would love to sculpt my own, but so far I have not made a keeper. They are getting better each time though, so there is hope if I have enough years and finger dexterity left! :blush:


I never thought I could be artistic. I thought that gene passed my by, my mom and dad were both artistic. Dad did wood working stuff and my mom painted it and or decorated it. My older brother can look at a picture and paint it in detail As a child i was that backward shy child, even into adulthood, at 54 until i know you in face to face situations i dont say much. I dont participate as much as i should here but… on to how i started reborning or I have collected dolls since i was 6 or 7 year old and a neighbor gave me a Rapunzel doll. As an adult i collected dolls and have some babies, Shirley temple and other dolls. I also have a collection of cabbage patch dolls. I seen reborn dolls on ebay in 2008. I couldn’t afford much so bought a couple cheap ones then found bloomers and bow and bought a starter kit with air dry paints. I wast happy with how chalky they turned out so on to more research and found bountiful baby and heat set paints. Much better success with those. Have only done babies for family (mostly granddaughters) I toooooooo am a reborn doll hoarder hard to pass up a sale.


I’m loving these stories! Keep them coming ladies😁 it’s amazing how we all ended up here somehow. I love learning about how you all got here.

I have never been into anything arts or crafts. I was just never interested. Sure, I would sometimes make little things for around the house… Like a vase with sand in it and add flowers… Lololol. When I moved to Texas I had NOTHIING to do for the first time in my life! So, I set out trying to find a craft to help with all the free time that I had. After discovering needle felting, I made a few dogs, lol and somehow happened upon a reborn doll! I had never heard or seen such a thing!!! Well, thank god I did because it lead me to all of you! And I am not lonely anymore!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ oh! And I’m busy Making dolls too! :heart:️:smiley::smiley::smiley:


I have always done arts and crafts starting out as a young child. My Mother was very creative and we would do little projects together…Like hand painted glass and we would put aluminum foil behind it and the pictures we made would sell here and there in the neighborhood. The things we made continued through the years to sand art, crocheting, embroidering on our pillow cases etc…Finally as an adult I always kept my hand in making things off and on but work had always taken first place in my life with high demand. As we all know life changes and things happen and my health had taken a very hard turn. I found myself at home all day and on disability. My days went by long and slow without much to speak of. The phone stopped ringing for the most part and most friends moved on with their active lives. I was never before at such loose ends. My daughter decided that she was going to buy a reborn baby for my G-Daughter Jayla and when the baby arrived she wrapped her up and came over to show me and I was overwhelmed with amazement! Well, you know how everyone says I can do that or I can make that after seeing something they like My Daughter and I started doing research, buying supplies, looking at babies on the internet, buying magazines etc…Long story allot shorter…My daughter Heather can make amazing babies but it is kind of on hold for her now. For me, Reborning is part of my everyday in some way even if I am not up to par I can read. I have all of you wonderful people in my life now. I participate in the BB forum Contests and I am constantly working on improving my skills. The last contest on BB Forum was Celeste and it was the first time I ever showed anyone a baby I made! I still struggle with uploading and downloading and all that stuff we need to know on our computers! LoL!! It is all worth it. I love the art and most of all having all of you in my life now!! It’s been a Blessing!!


All through school I was teased and bullied everyday. I was emotionally abused by my dad, my mom passed away when I was 13. I doodled a lot ,but never had enough confidence in myself to go beyond that. I discovered reborning after I was well into adulthood. Married with two grown children, I found my inner artistic side. Reborning relaxes me (well when it’s going right) and makes feel confident and proud when my babies makes others feel good.


Bumping this thread! Tomorrow I’m picking a name from the hat😁 I’ve loved reading all of these stories. It’s showed me that a lot of us have a lot more in common than we’d think.

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