Finally is time for my PIF 👐 come and play 😉

Okay so I won @Firelightfox PIF and after thinking very hard for days. I stop thinking and my PIF ? Came to me :grin:

Yesterday I went for my second biopsy and on the way home I started thinking that I can’t be sick because I haven’t finish doing everything in my bucket list. I know I’m only 36 and people associate bucket list with older people but I made mines since I was 20 years old. I believed that a bucket list should be done when you still have the health and strength to do things. Therefor I want you to share your bucket list and if you didn’t have one now is your chance to make it👍

Here is mine
Things I already crossed out

  1. Falling in love
  2. Skydiving
    Things to do
    1.hand gliding
    2.shark fishing
    3.bungee jumping
    4.Visit Greece
    5.go sailing
  3. Water skiing
  4. Visit the great wall of China
  5. Ride a horse

I’ll be drawing a name on November 15


1.most important to me, is that I know my children and grandson truly know who Jesus is.
2. Get closer to my family, not just on holidays
3. Get my kitchen painted!
4. Finish my craft room
5.redo my kids bedroom
6. Buy a vacation on home on the beach!!
7. Visit England, where my grandmother is from, she was a war bride on Queen Mary
8.finish things Ive started


First of all I wish you the very best biopsy results.

  1. Write a Novel.
  2. Meet my grandchildren someday (I hope there will be grandchildren)
  3. Raise my boys to be good men.
  4. Live in my dream house.
  5. Do a 5k
  6. Visit Portugal, Spain, Ireland.
  7. Wake up in Bali.
  8. Make some great art.

Thanks. :blush:
My grand father was from Spain the Islas Canarias. We maybe going to Spain on February for a wedding. Do you think you could fit in a suitcase :joy:
That is a very nice list hope you get to do it all.


Aww that is a awesome list. Good luck with everything and don’t forget to invite me to you beach house :wink:


Gosh that’s something I haven’t really given much thought to. For sure visiting Ireland, Israel, Cuba and Paris are on my list. I would love to have my family be closer without any arguing and fighting like they do. Oh maybe swim with the dolphins too. Sometime in my life, I would also like to take a leap of faith and move somewhere unexpected. I’ve always been a scardey cat though.


Well with 4 grandchildren my life is dedicated to them being happy. @Kate this is my only grand-daughter swimming with the dolphins.


If you find a way to have family get together without fighting :wink: I want to swim with dolphins too.

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My daughter wants to be a marine biologist just to be able to swim and spend a lot of time with all marine animals. She loves the dolphins, baluga whales and killer whales.
I wish I had a grandmom like you :blush:


They are all 4 spoiled rotten.They say MawMaw how much dolly dollars you got?lol. They get most of what is not spent back on supplies and kits.Rotten stinking little boogers is what they are.

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I know off topic but just had to show y’all this,the cover page for her latest school project.The Grand daughter is an artist.She has sold a few reborns also.


Wow!! Your granddaughter is very talented!!!

Thank you

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This is such an interesting PIF question! Mine would have to be…

  1. Graduate college
  2. Publish a fiction novel
  3. Go to Beijing
  4. See the place my grandfather was born (in Japan)
  5. Sew a dress from scratch
  6. Learn to drive… I’m way older than 16, but I still don’t have my license!
  7. Go on a long road trip with a friend
  8. Learn Spanish

I hope your biopsy results come back clean!

My bucket list

  1. Learn to Play the Cello
  2. Learn to speak German
  3. Get a picture with my husband in front of the Eiffel Tower
  4. Finish my Mom’s geneology chart
  5. Learn to Arm Knit
  6. Take my family on a cruise all together.

It is almost time :grinning:

@Gabriell you are the winner :tada::tada::tada:
PM me you address.

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How awesome, you just made my day, it started off a little gloomy but you made it all sun-shiney!


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I’m happy to hear that :blush:

@mcurbelo Just received the most awesome box of goodness ever!!! Holy cow is there anything you forgot? My little helped me open the box and he just kept pulling more and more out, he loved the hat!!! So many treasures, I really, really, really appreciate it! Thank you.