Finally going home

This is my Cammi. He’s a portrait baby. I didn’t take tons of pictures because I won’t be listing him. I’m pleased with how he turned out. The pictures don’t accurately reflect his coloring.


He’s sooooo CUTE!!! Wonderful work.

Oh! He is a sweet little boy!!!


OMG, I love him! I just notice his shoes they are too cute.

That is precious, Jean! Looks like a little boy. :slight_smile: What talent you have to make a Mommy happy with a look a like of her child.

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He just darling Jean!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

Love him - thanks for posting the pics! :slight_smile:

He turned out really well! I actually like this kit as a boy! Great job!!!

Great job! He is adorable!

Thanks everybody. I had a lot of setbacks with this one so I’m glad he’s finally going home. He looks a lot like the real little boy.


I couldn’t find any shoes that fit him so I crocheted him some high tops. He’s got fat feet.


He is phenomenal! He’s so expressive and his eyes have so much life to them. You did an amazing job.

I love him! Did you root all that hair??

Is there Anything you can’t do?? So talented Jean.

I did root all that hair. It took forever.

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He is soooo sweet!!

He’s gorgeous!!:two_hearts:

He is such a cute, happy little boy! You did great! :blue_heart: