Finally finished my Kitten

I have finally finished after 2 months of working on her. This is an Easter/Bday present for my Mom.
I have a question I hope someone knows the answer. I used paper glaze on her eyes 2 days ago. At both corners and bottom lid the glaze is still white will this dry clear? I really hope it does!


I don’t use paper glaze, but my Delta Ceramacoat is white until it dries. It doesn’t take very long though. I hope it gets clear for you.Baby looks very cute! I hope you will show us pictures of you Mom with her. Does she know about her?

She is really cute. I use hi gloss modge podge for my eyes, and it dries clear. I’ve never used paper glaze on the eyes, so I can’t help you.

shes adorable

@pia & @otterbaby2, do you water down the gloss. The tutorial using delta Ceramacoat shows using hot water to dip the brush in before dipping in the gloss. Baby Marissa heard a lot of naughty words. :open_mouth: I thought I had ruined her but love how the eyes turned out. I ended up adding some hot water into a bit of gloss that worked better for me but it was not as easy as the tutorial pics showed. :wink:

Does the Mod Podge have to be thinned with water?

Awe she is to cute :slight_smile:

I use a brush that is wet to pick up the Ceramacoat and then drop it into the eyes. I use another brush that is wet but squeezed out to pick up excess paint at the corners. I do it exactly like Debbie Henshaw does it on her blog. (Except I don’t use applied lashes anymore)

Yeahhhh, I did my best at that but it was my first time. I’ve gotten more complements on this baby’s eyes than any other. It dried rather quickly, too. Like everything else, it’ll just take some time to master the process.

yes they will dry clear, it will take awhile though. had the same thing happen to one of mine . It took a couple extra days but it dried clear.

The modgepodge doesn’t have to be thinned or stirred.

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Thanks! I may try that on a test baby.

It will dry clear. I use the glaze all the time and have noticed that it has to be mixed well before applying it or it will take a long time to dry. Do not shake it hard or it will create bubbles, but just tune it slowly from top to bottom several times.

She is so cute, your Mom will love her !n What a wonderful; Easter gift, maybe even better than a "Peep’ LOL.

Pia, I read a post the other day and I really don’t remember if it was on here or another forum but it said that they used a product called “triple thick” by Americana for their eyes, Did you read that and was it on here? They said you could get it at Walmart or Michaels but I checked at the Walmart by my house and I didn’t see anything like it. Has anyone used it or seen it in the stores.

Put “triple thick” in the search bar; there are several threads that discuss it.

Thanks Amy

Pia, it’s a surprise baby for my Mom. It’s her 70th birthday and I wanted to do something special for her.

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I could be your Mom too - today is my 69th birthday!

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A very very Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far.

Still in my pajamas and just ordered 3 Serenity kits (one is for a friend)! My kind of day.

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