Final Sandy Prototype on eBay, ROSE Kit of the Year!

Final Sandy Prototype on eBay, ROSE Kit of the Year!

Our final Sandy prototype was reborn so amazingly by Elena Matterna. You can see Elena’s sweet version of Sandy here: Don’t miss your chance to make this cute little girl yours!

Her auction is also featured on our home page at:

Sandy’s kit will be a limited edition of 500. We are planning to have her available during our ROSE online event this summer. This event is currently planned for mid July (details to be announced).

Thank you so much Maria Lynn Grover for sculpting and donating this beautiful girl to ROSE!

Bountiful Baby


I love thar little pixie face!! Are there any other dolls that have faces like that?

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@MichelleP I think Realborn Steven has a bit of that look with his big eyes and narrow chin.

Will the artists that are your faithful customers and purchase products from you get a chance to purchase this darling baby? Only 500, will it be first come first serve and what about people who are not saavy to virtual anything? Just wondering how this will work, thank you.

I want her so bad!

She is beautiful, I wouldn’t mind having her too.