Final Baby for 2015! Yayyyyyy

Well, I finished my last custom order for 2015 and she post off tomorrow…Sooo excited and ready to relax a few weeks…

Not competing with anyone on the number of dolls done for the year but ended up at 55 fully reborn and assembled babies and 17 painted rooted kits so has been a very busy year… (don’t normally count them but Karen and Shannon put the idea out there and so I thought it would be fun…I keep all my dolls in folders labelled with the year so easy to count them…Would love to do like the other ladies did with theirs so will have to see if I can work out how to do the big multi-picture frames…Such a lovely idea…

Because I am addicted to the reborns and reborning, I will never be rich from reborning no matter how many dolls I sell…I admit I am a reborn doll supply addict…there I said it…I feel better now! Sooo ladies, whether you sell 5 dolls or 50, if you are in love with this art…you will never really be rich unless your name is Silvia, Mel or Helen…(some of the big name proto artist…lol)


She’s gorgeous, Starr! And holy cow that’s a lot of babies! You definitely deserve a break!

just beautiful …congrats on your baby making ! i cant even imagine!

What a beauty love those big blue eyes and her outfit :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m certainly not in your league for sales, Starr, but I have sold everything I made this year. (One is on hold.)
I sold 17 on and several more when I was still selling on Ebay. I can’t keep a baby in my nursery. This year I intend to remedy that and make one or two just for me!


Thank you so much lady…definitely glad to be done… the lady that ordered her picked the eye colour so she gets the credit for those… :wink: She really did turn out cute…My photos never really capture them as well as I would like but anyway…Thank you again so much for always being so kind with your lovely comments… :smile:


Congrats Helen…I think that is amazing and a very good year - It’s total success when you’ve sold all you made!!..I really hope to slow down myself this next year…I love the art but I want some together time with my hubby - some picnics and train rides and day trips around looking at some of the historical parts of Oz…Reborning is fun but very time consuming if you don’t pull yourself up and stop which I haven’t done in 7+ years - I always tend to go full kilter at everything I do so need to stop and smell the roses a bit…lol
I hope you do make a few for yourself…I am doing the same…at the moment I only have one baby I have made in 7 years in my nursery but am about to have my second when I get Presley finished…that little man will not be going anywhere!
If you do some for yourself, make sure to post them…always love seeing your babies!


I kinda wish I would have kept Bella Shalom, but it’s her Mommy that just bought my Taylor Caine so I did the right thing, She loves Bella as much as I do. She even kept her name.


Congrats Starr. She’s beautiful. Has that sleepy look that seems so innocent. I think it’s amazing that you and several others have done 50 or more babies this year. Last a lot of LABOR pains :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You’re amazing @westernstarr ~ that’s a LOT of babies, for sure! I wouldn’t have known how many I’d done if I hadn’t stopped to look at my folder on FB. I have to admit looking back I felt quite a sense of accomplishment and wonder that I did that many! I don’t plan to do so many this year, but I guess I’ll just get started and see where 2016 takes me.

I’m the same way, I am totally addicted to anything baby, so reborn supplies, baby clothes, etc. and I’m IN. Not sure what I’d do if I didn’t have reborning. It’s been a big part of my life since 2002 and I don’t plan to quit any time soon. Nope, I’ll never be one the high-end rich reborners but I don’t care, I love it so much it’s worth it to me to keep doing it.

Bring on the new year and new babies! :smile:


She is so sweet! I love those big blue eyes and that sweet innocent look.

Another knock out Starr!!! Your babies are always stunners. I am very glad you are keeping Presley for yourself!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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She’s absolutely stunning. I love her to bits :heart_eyes:

Beautiful! I LOVE her clothes!! I need that for my future Strawberry Shortcaje baby. :0)

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What a beautiful baby…!!..and so many others over the past year…!! deserve a break also and a big pat on the back…even though we adore reborning sometimes it gets to be a lot.!!..that being said, I brought Celeste’s head to Cuba and now she has hair…!

Oh, well done…that’s a LOT of babies. Many more than I’ve done. I agree it takes up a lot of our time and for me , although I love it, it often has to take a back seat as family and friends and of course work take priority. Anyway bring on 2016 and new babies to admire.
Love your work on your very last 2015 bub. Cheers!

You ended 2015 with another beautiful baby. I’m going to predict your future… and your babies will be in high demand for 2016 also !! So get some rest because your going to be busy !!

What a sweetheart she is!!!

Glad to see Karen and I haven’t been the only ones reborning like worker bees…lol. Harley looks amazing. I really love that kit. I have one more in my stash to do in 2016.

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Look at those big eyes! Pretty painting. :smile: