Felicity Awake

Can anyone share pictures of their finished Felicitys. I am thinking of ordering the kit.

Mine is still a WIP but I really like the kit. Mine is in a slightly firmer vinyl though, just FYI.

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She’s still a WIP, but I’m liking her alot.


She is beautiful. I really don’t think I’ll let this kit pass me up. Thank you both so much.

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Is the vinyl a lot firmer? Too firm to root easily?

I love the eyes you chose! They go so well with that skin tone.

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I have Felicity Asleep and her head feels firmer too, like maybe she has thicker vinyl? I’d say that you probably either want to paint her hair or heat her head before attempting to root her. This is just an assessment from the feel of the blank kit though. Hopefully we hear from somebody who has rooted her.


Thank You :slight_smile:

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I was able to root her okay, but did go through about a half an ounce of 42 gauge crown needles to do it. I would definitely suggest a larger needle and heating the head first!


Wow, so much texture to that tongue, I’m impressed.

Oh my goodness…I would definitely have to get larger ones. Thanks.

I am not to the rooting stage, but you will definitely have to heat the head while rooting.

Thanks :slight_smile: