Felicia by Gudrun Legler

Isn’t she cute? :heartpulse:


Yes! I am in love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I want to see non-prot versions of her.


What does her kit look like? Before the artist painted her.

I want her for me I think. She’s adorable

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Absolutely. You need her. :wink:

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Yes she absolutely is

She’s a definite yes lol has she been released?

She is on her way to me right now. I pre-ordered her last year.

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Where did you order her from? Mac’s?

I want this kit so bad. But I’m waiting for some of y’all you let us know how the vinyl is. German vinyl scares me. But dolls by sandie says in the description that it’s soft and easy to paint and root. So I’m really hoping that’s true.



Yes, Macs

If anyone meets their Felicia and is not that into her, I’ve got Ashia, Macie Brace, or Meadow Arcello I would love to trade.


Is meadow sold out? I didn’t get her but I’m interested

I don’t think the edition is sold out, just out of stock at the moment. They were my most recent preorders and I like Felicia much better than all of them.

I paid for my Felicia thursday because someone wanted her for a custom, come this morning and they cancel when I asked for a deposit :upside_down_face: Last time I order before I receive a deposit. I’m not into Felicia like I was when I preordered and I’d love to trade :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can someone who has Felicia give an assessment of her vinyl? I’ve been holding off buying her til I know how she will be to paint and root. :blush:

@Mommarobin ?