Feeling guilty!

As some of you may have noticed, BB is having a sale…again. I even had to ask my 13 year old’s advice on this one. The lady who got Shyann from me wants me to make Camryn for her with back and front plates. Problem is that she wasn’t able to pay me for Shyann yet (which I knew at the time that it was a gift for her mom for Christmas and told her to pay me later). I’m only going to probably charge her $20 over the cost of making him so it isn’t a profitable order but I like doing dolls for people who will treasure them. But when I saw the sale in addition to Camryn being on sale, Juliet was. Which I really want another of those to do elf ears on when I get this one finished. I only had money to do one right now since I need bodies and mohair for the two I’m working on. She was cheaper and I got a plate on sale for less than Camryn would have cost.

But now I feel guilty for me getting the savings instead of the girl that wants Camryn. I mean, I’ll make him for her and I’ll order the parts soon but it may be a few more weeks. Even if I had the kit now, she can’t afford to pay me yet. Missing the sale on him means she may have to pay more though. But the seconds Juliet kit was so cheap compared to the price on the regular Juliet. And Camryn goes on sale more often. I am rambling. Is it wrong for me to take the savings for me instead of her? Help!!!

If she has not already given you the money for the kit and supplies then NO it is not wrong. You have no reason to feel guilty. That would be as silly as you feeling guilty getting a good buy on Juliet and my paying full price for a Juliet because I missed the sale! SIlly silly girl!!! LOL
Get your Juliet and then when your customer is ready you get her parts for HER at the price they are now.

Be sure to let us see your Juliet fairy ! Sounds adorable.

Dont feel bad! I think you are just trying to be as kind as you can, but you already have a lot to do and I think that Camryn will be on sale again in the future for sure, no doubt about it

Do not feel guilty, you are like me and let people run over you sometimes.