Fedex nightmare rant *Final update, interesting to know*

I finally got my doll back today. I was tired of waiting for their call so I went there (30min away). I was not nice with the young lady. It’s not her fault but I was angry (I apologized).
Long story short, all of that was about the B-13 form. Do you know about this? I didn’t.
Seem that Fedex service center didn’t either, because no one has told me.

Apparently it’s very important for parcel over 1000$ value.

I have called Fedex Canada 3 times. I have email them twice. I have emailed Fedex Australia twice. They have called me too. No one never told me about this form.

So be aware if you sell a doll of high value (silicone or not) internationally. You will need it, wathever it is.

I sold my Genevieve silicone the 20 of may. She wanted to get it asap so she asked me for sending it through Fedex, she paid a lot for it to be delivered on the 27th.

So I went to the service point (don’t know how to say it in english) in a store. The employee wrote all the needed information on her computer and put it on the parcel. And that was it or so I thought. (Never used Fedex before)

But yesterday late evening, my customer email me, panicking, insisting that she tried multiple times to reach me, Fedex did too (they never did), that it was unprofessional and she will put a claim on PayPal etc.


I finally got to know that the heck was happening. They needed a commercial invoice, so they sent back the parcel to my border.

This morning I went there (very very angry I must say). The manager was pissed at the employee (wasn’t there) and called Fedex. They told us that I needed to send the invoice by email. So I did.
Few hours later, I received a call from Fedex Australia :roll_eyes: asking me to send the invoice at their email. So I did.

Now I just received yet an other email from them asking me to send the transaction invoice (I guessed it was the FedEx invoice ?).

I am pissed. I am tired, angry, nervous and don’t know what to do more than that.

I didn’t get any response from my customers (who still want it before Saturday). I proposed to refund the shipping. It’s not my fault, it’s not hers. I will try to get a refund from the direction of the store (with the help of the manager).

All that stress because an employee didn’t do her job right. My reputation and my money are at risk.

I never had a complaining customer before, it needed to be on my most expensive doll with the most expensive shipping.



I’d call PayPal and let them know what’s going on, that your customer is upset and there was an error made by FedEx that has delayed delivery through no fault of yours. Keep all your communications with her through PayPal so there’s record of them.


Wow! What a headache. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. :confused:


So stressful! I am so sorry that you had to deal with it! :frowning:


What a nightmare. I hate fed ex. They delivered my package to someone else and refused to discuss their mistake. I had to drive to the home they delivered it to and get my package. It was very awkward.


Woke up to my customer wanting a refund because she couldn’t get a delivery date from Fedex (the parcel is in transit). It will be late for her god daughter birthday and it seems that it’s not something that a child can handle (yes for a child, would I have known). She needs a refund asap to buy an other gift because she can’t go to a birthday empty handed…

Well, I will spare you my response, basically trying to calm her down and let me time, there’s a time zone difference of 14h for God’s sake.

Oh and she called PayPal before I have the time to do it. They told her that it’s better if I refund her instead of opening acase. She think I have broken the sale contract (:roll_eyes:)

I called PayPal myself this morning. They told me that I have 2 options. 1st intercept the package than refund her. 2nd let her receive the package. She can’t win a case because the tracking (and all the rest) proove that I have sent it. Late is not an excuse. She can send it back at her expense.

I am affraid that if I do that she will try to say that it’s damaged or not as described or things like that ? Do PayPal would still have her return it before getting a refund ?
I have absolutely no problem refund her whatsoever, even initial shipping (I have been refunded by the service center). But I would rather refund her MINUS shipping, as SHE decides to cncel the transaction. I have done my part of the deal.

What are your inputs ?


I would intercept the package and refund her when you receive the doll.
It sounds like this woman is dramatic, and I worry she may try to cause more problems for you. Also, she ordered the doll for a child. What happens if the child plays too rough and damages the doll? Will she try to come after you for a refund? Or, like you said, what if she claims there is something wrong with the doll and tries to scam you?

I would have the package rerouted to you.
But I wouldn’t refund her the money until the package is back with you. Sometimes intercepting the packages doesn’t work in time.


Exactly my thoughts.
I have a doubt that it’s a case of buyer’s remorse. I mean, it’s not that terrible to get a child to wait a day or two for a present ? She started “panicking” the day before the expected delivery.

I have intercept the package. I am waiting for it to come back to me. I don’t know if it will have fees. If so I will refund her minus the fees.

And on top of all that, she told me that she likes my work and will ask me for a custom later…yeah, you bet I will accept that :roll_eyes:


Yes, i agree. Her behavior is very strange.

If the child is old enough to care for a silicone baby, she should be old enough to understand the package has gotten delayed in the mail right? :thinking:

I’m glad you’re going to get your doll back ! This lady sounds like a nightmare lol. I’m happy your baby wont be going with her :laughing:


Oh I am happy too ! She told me it was for a child when she contacted me for the missing invoice. I would never had accepted to sell a silicone for a child.

I wish I will be able to re-sell it fast.


I agree with intercepting the package and rerouting it back to you (unless it’s too late to do that). I would refund when I got the doll back. Otherwise, there’s a good chance she’ll get the money and keep the doll, too. Who spends their last dime on an expensive birthday gift for a child anyway? She could put a picture in the box, wrap it up, and tell the child it got delayed in shipping. If it comes back to you, I’m sure you’ll be able to re-sell it. I think FedEx owes her a refund since she paid extra to have it delivered by a certain date and it wasn’t.

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Have had trouble with FedEx too, I sent a doll from UK to US on the 13th, the guy who collected it checked the paperwork and told me that he didn’t need some if it, it got to the main depot in UK and they called me saying the customs invoices were missing, I explained about their driver and emailed them the missing paperwork.
It arrived it Memphis and has been sat in customs for 12 days, they couldn’t open the attachment that FedEx UK sent with the paperwork so I had to email the same forms to Memphis, they then told us it had gone through customs and was in transit but the tracking was still showing Memphis and took a further 2 days, it started moving again today and is currently in Los Angeles, it’s supposed to go to Colorado so I’m confused as to why it’s gone in the wrong direction to LA and how long it will now take to get to Colorado because the tracking just doesn’t update.

Luckily for me the buyer is very patient and has been helping from her end making calls.

Not sure I will ever use FedEx again


It’s not FedEx the problem it was the young employee at the service center. Thoses centers can be in any store, even a grocery store. She didn’t tell me it takes a invoice.

Fedex will not refund anything since it wasn’t their mistake. The service center DID refund me, at least. I mean, that’s the minimum they could do !

This customer was so impatient, I do not wish anybody to deal with someone like that.

I may or may not use FedEx in the future.

I will get back my doll, I don’t know when. I will refund her when I get it.

That’s my thought. Entitled person who thinks the world turn around them. I am not Flash…


I agree intercept the package.


I have intercept the package last friday.
Sunday night I called again to know why FedEx Australia email me again about the invoice…
Long story short I asked to go pick the package at their office (in the same location the airport is.

It’s been a week. I called again this morning. All they can do is "let the office a note…:confounded:

Can someone explain to me how they can ship something the other side of the world in 5 days, but can’t get a box from Mirabel to Mirabel in 5 days ?

I am pissed off and tired I have refunded the customer of course, since it seems that PayPal take their time too ( she will receive it June 7th).

Now I am scare to sell silicone again.


That is horrible. You take the extra precautions to make sure everything is done right and you can’t trust the"professionals"to do their job. It’s a scary risk to begin with having to mail something so expensive… And you can’t factor all the time & work you put into it. That’s a sickening feeling. If it’s any consolation, my mom mailed a package using FedEx. It was struck for 2 weeks in Atlanta then disappeared for a week. Suddenly, it arrived on the final due day-it was a return. Stay positive!

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That’s terrible! I’ve only had 1 negative experience with FedEx, and it was really scary! Most of my experiences have been positive though, so it sucks that youve had such a bad experience and they’re not being helpful at all.

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That feels like a nightmare.

Australia need a very detailed invoice I think. That was my mistake : not having each item of clothing listed separately with price.
It’s stupid, it’s like selling a game console and list the controllers apart on the invoice :roll_eyes: