Fb group......fun,fun

in the spirit of halloween and being the proud mum of 2 vamp babies i created a group on fb called …REBORN MIDNIGHT ORPHANS…it is for reborn artists, collecters of dark natured babies…ie…vampires, zombies, werewolves. we even welcome fairies…its a place to share your unique babies, exchange dark natured reborning tips and adventures with theses spiecal little bundles…Facebook - log in or sign up …feel free to join the fun…sage

I sent a request to join.


Very cool! I sent a request to join, my name is Katie Perry and I have a picture of my little man as my profile pic. Thanks!

I just want to make a little werewolf baby someday…haven’t figured out when but someday!

add’ you…can’t wait to see that werewolf baby…sage


My were wolf baby is a fairy but I have not had time to finish it someday I will then I will post pictures.


sent a request, this is neat. how do you make fangs and how do you get them to stay on the baby… oh ya my name is laura kelly on facebook when you see my request. thanx

glad to have you…laura…keep an eye out …this comeing week we’ll have a dark reborning tip on makeing fangs…i’m hopeing more ppl will post too…sage


posted dark reborning tip # 3…fangs…sage


oooo yes please do…we try to give each other the kick we need to get started on our different projects and life…sage