Favorite Oven?

Okay, what is your favorite oven to bake your dolls in? I’d like something large enough to accommodate some larger size babies. Not too expensive would be great. Have you seen any good black friday deals listed online for one? I am hoping to request this as a Christmas present from my husband, but know he won’t be going anywhere near stores that day. Lol. Thanks!

Does the NuWave fit larger dolls? Like can you bake the toddler sized parts in one?

I LOVE my NuWave!!! Some people have put additional extender rings on to accommodate larger dolls.

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Thanks! That sounds like it would work out pretty well for me. Any idea where I might find a deal on one? I have a very limited budget right now.

Check Craigslist and ebay. I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond and used a 20% off coupon.

Which one would I need? http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/nuwave-reg-oven-pro-plus/1016564273?Keyword=nu+wave+oven

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That’s it!

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Check out offers.com. There’s a buy one, get one free offer for the same price as Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Nuwave all the way! I had a halogen oven that was possessed and would spike suddenly with super nova temps. Too close a call too many times. Got the nuwave and im so happy with it.

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NuWave for me❤️❤️❤️It. I’ve never used anything else but I have only completed 3

Definitely the NuWave!!!

Is offers.com reliable? Have you bought from them?

I found an almost brand new NuWave on craigslist for cheap! Check there for sure!!

Definitely get a NuWave, you won’t be sorry!!

I wasted so much electricity warming up my countertop oven and then forgetting it was heating u p and having to do it again. I melted one doll in it because the heat was so unpredictable too. I love my Nu Wave oven and it’s made the entire process of reborning so much more enjoyable! I got mine as a special on QVC, but they are everywhere. I’ve even seen them at garage sales. Hope you find what you need!


Do I need the NuWave Oven Pro PLUS, or just the regular one? Thanks!

Get the pro plus… The plastic done breaks in the other one. I just received my new one… Had it one week… And ANOTHER broken dome:-( this time… I’m getting the pro plus.

I would say the Pro plus only because of the upgraded metal extender ring. I had one of the models with the plastic ring that I got from a yard sale. I pooped out after several months of pretty heavy use, but I think it just because it was old, not faulty. I personally never had a problem with the plastic extender ring, but I have heard other people say that theirs melted. I bought my Pro Plus and bed bath and beyond and used one of their weekly 20% off coupons.

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No way, Nikki! :anguished: I have a plastic dome and it’s been fine. So sorry they haven’t been so nice to you. :confused:

I don’t know why!!! I wonder if it’s something that I’m doing to cause it! ???