Favorite Mohair

Hello! I currently am using Karman dolls mohair, which I like, but it’s extremely coarse. Also, since it’s wavy, the waves tend to go in different directions and make it look frizzy. What other mohair brands do you like (HP Babylocks, Susan Nagel, etc)? Thoughts on Alpaca hair? If possible, I’d love to see pictures of your rooting of some of these brands too!


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The quirky chromatist


Karman is my preferred mohair, although I will say last year she had a major quality issue, all the mohair I got during that time was very coarse and broke easily. Usually her hair is incredible soft, not frizzy, etc… HP Babylocks is my least favorite, especially for the incredibly high price, the hair is very coarse and breaks when rooting, in my experiences with it anyways :slight_smile:

I used to only use Alpaca before finding any mohair that I liked. I love alpaca, it’s finer, softer and stronger, but it’s also more difficult to root. For alpaca I usually buy it from Breezy Ridge Alpacas, it’s very soft and very inexpensive.

I think it’s very difficult to say what hair is the best because it can really vary from batch to batch, but I hope you find a brand that you get excellent results with!

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I totally agree. Thank you for the advice! I’ll look into that

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When I was first starting out I bought a bunch of alpaca fiber from probably 10 different Etsy sellers, they were all under $5 but it really helped me to see the differences and find one that I liked best.

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Me too, love that hair

I use to buy Karmendolls hair but I hated the way it looked so frizzy, i tried a few others but they were just as bad, I now use FineFibres, she based in the UK but her hair is amazing, very silky and shiny, I personally won’t use anything else now


That looks exactly like what I’m looking for. Do you use her alpaca or mohair?

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I have used both, the first picture is her alpaca which was natural un-dyed black/brown, the other pictures are her mohair, the photo you see on her page are exactly like the hair looks when you get it, I sat stroking it for ages because it’s so soft and silky :joy:

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