Faux milk

Is there ANY substance that won’t separate when mixed with water for fake milk? I know you can just shake it but I really hate how it looks when you display your baby with it. I’ve tried fabric softener, Elmer’s glue, tacky glue, OK To Wash It, Mod Podge, Liquitex matte gel 3 kinds of hand lotion and paint. They all separate.

I use inexpensive white body lotion, water and small amount of vanilla. Mine doesn’t seperate that much but I always shake the bottle before taking pictures.

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I use Downy Unscented fabric softener straight out of the bottle and it doesn’t look like it is separated to me.


I use any kind of cheap baby detangler and add the yellow wood glue, a little at a time until you like the color, and you can always add water if you think it looks to thick. My doesn’t seperate, but if it sits for to long (like a month) then you just need to lightly stir the bottle.

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I’ll try that. The fabric softener turns into a pudding like substance after awhile. It doesn’t separate but it doesn’t move either.

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I also use fab softener,a slight slight touch of yellow food coloring. Tiny tiny bit or you’ll have yellow milk…lol. never had problems.

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This is my experience also. If the bottle gets sunshine drops of water will appear above the fluid, but a gentle shake fixes that.

Do any of you ship the bottles off with your reborns?

That’s the same thing that happened when I used straight fabric softener. Now I’m stuck with it because I used e-6000 glue to glue the lid on, it’s not budging.

I used to send a bottle with mine, but I can’t find anything that stays looking like milk without separating. I’m considering not sending a bottle anymore.

I use fragrance free/dye free fabric softener mixed with water. The amount of water you add is dependent on how concentrated the fabric softener is. I usually make a 50:50 softener: water solution, but some fabric softeners are more concentrated. In those cases, I just keep adding more water till it looks right.

I used the Downy free mixed with water. I made up a few bottles in advance. It turned to pudding but it was after several months. I was distressed when I realized that all the babies I had sold had solid formula. And, the bottle of Downy is still in the cupboard in the laundry room and it also has turned to pudding consistency. I’m now using it for laundry but I have to add water to the Downy ball every time.

I ship my bottle wrapped in a baggie with tape wrapped tightly around it. I have had my mixed faux milk sitting for a good 6 mo. and it has never turned to a pudding, and never had any complaints from buyers.

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I’ve never made fake milk from softener but I’ve never had it turn to pudding in the bottle and I’ve used the stuff for years, often buying many bottles ahead when on sale. I guess I just didn’t have it long enough?

I’m too afraid to send a bottle with filled with faux formula. It could leak no matter how well it’s been sealed. I send an empty bottle with the recipe for faux formula.

You’ve never had a problem with just mixing it with some water…:pray:
I used straight white fabric softener before and it turned to pudding…
I need to make a faux milk bottle… perhaps I’ll try another brand of fabric softener and dilute it with equal parts water.
Hard to find straight white fabric softener tho… seems like a lot of brands fabric softener is blue

What about sunscreen? I’ve heard this works but I don’t personally use fake milk.
Jean, this was an old post. Do you still send bottles with reborns? Do most people anymore?

I bought some no hole nipples. I glue one in and glue the lid to the bottle. Then I double wrap it in ziploc bags before shipping.

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Where do you get no hole nipples from…? :blush:

I got mine on Etsy. 10 for $12.50.