I have a question. Has anyone ordered any of the seconds faries? How pointed are their ears? Could they be used as a regular baby? I love full arms and legs. I was curious about that without ordering the kits.

These kits are not babies. They are very tiny, skinny limbed 16" young ‘people’. They have an ageless look really. You could make them a kid of 5 or 6ish if you tried but I see a pre- teen / teenager. With just a little bit of effort and the right paint and hair they can be old… but not a baby.

I am anxious to see some of them reborn.


You can always heat the ears then snip and filled them down…

It’s not just the ears that make them a fairy. (they definitely are pointed) They do not have baby parts. Their arms/hands and legs/feet look much older. The legs are a almost a miniature of Tibby’s bent legs. (and the other youngsters too of course). And Caleb for instance, looks like a small skinny baby, the fairies don’t. I keep going over to my counter and looking at them and I certainly say ‘go for it’ if you really want to try. but they don’t look like any small baby I’ve ever seen.