Family Love (A dolly story for those who like to have fun)

cute, Angie -


— Begin quote from “rose481”

…duh! I am so dumb! I thought this was a foreign language at first!


— End quote

Me too, German! That was cute. Reminds me of the show Rugrats.

Thanks ladies! German huh? You all keep me laughing! I figure I am young at heart so why not live it!

I had emailed this story to my husband for kicks last night. This morning I asked him if he read it yet. He said, “Yea, I looked at it and it was cute but I couldn’t read it because it was all in German!” LMBO! He was serious too! I told him that it was not German but baby talk! He was flabbergasted!

I love the Lee Middletons and they are what started my whole fascination with dolls. In fact, when I was a kid I would spend hours looking at the Middletons in the JCPenny Christmas catalog but I never got one because they were so expensive for the times. The first time I saw one in person was after I was nearly grown and was in a JCPenny store at a mall in Atlanta. I was amazed at how they were weighted and were like holding a real baby. Ever since then I wanted one. Sassy was my first Middleton purchase and I got her 2-3 years ago when Doll Market had her for $65.

How about that? You are bilingual without even knowing it!