Fairy hair

who’s gonna wig thier fairy and who’s gonna root ?..sage

They have tiny lil heads -wouldnt take much to root -and I have all kinds of beautiful fantasy colors if you want Fairy hair !!

I’m rooting with some of Cher’s amazing fantasy hair!

I’m probably going to root but not sure about the color yet.

Well lets see ,Orange,purple,teal,pink,apple green, blue,Cherry red Sunny yellow-almost any color you want !!!

Cher, do you have any photos yet of the hair?

I saw tinsel hair on ebay. I think I want to do one too…

When is the dead line?

I’m definitely rooting.

I didnt take pics of the fairy hair as I was just getting well and wanted to get the orders out -sorry

Here are the colors of fantasy hair I got from Cher and let me tell you they are so soft and easy to root with!!!

Here is my awesome collection of fantasy color hair from Cher :

I love them all!


Those are gorgeous colors! What kind of dye are they dyed with?

These are all done with acid dyes!!!

wow look at those colors-- makes me want to go ahead and get a fairy just after seeing the hairs!!

— Begin quote from “Tinyhands”

How much are they .and where can you order them from

— End quote

Just PM Cher

Here is a link to her mohair there is a place for notes to her there also!


I have lots of colors and can do almost any thing you want -just let me know

I will remember you when I get ready to do a fairy or elf.
I love those colors.