Fairy baby prototype

Did you see this listing? I love they was she did the auction and the little one is so cute! I love fairy babies. I’m going to have to try to add fairy ears to a baby. Has anyone here tried it? I would love to see!
http://www.ebay.com/itm/200767103271?ss … 028wt_1344

Isn’t that awesome? LOVE her work!

How delightful!!! I would love to walk into a garden and find such a prize! I would love to see BB have one of these fairy babies to do and I don’t think I’m alone in that wish.

I to would love to see BB add a fairy baby. Course my wish list would just keep growing! I like that she didn’t show her face to, helps protect her and adds a bit of whimsy too.

Denise - are you listening??? We know she is very busy, but would love to see a fairy baby with the ears already sculpted - maybe just a bit bigger than 15" tho.


She does an awesome job, on the baby, on the auctions, on the photography, everything. No wonder they have her do the prototypes!

Sandra Maxwell has a very good tutorial on sculpting a tongue and sculpting ears. Here’s the link.


I have to admit that those two fairy sculpts are on my to drool for list! I love the baby fairies. Just a someday maybe kit…

I am so excited! I just pre-ordered this fairy baby…


Oh Carmen I am so excited for you. I can’t wait until you start working on your baby fairy!!! How precious!

Carmen, I’m sure she will be just as cute as your first one.

Teaser’s Girl on this forum has done sculpted ears. I know cause she gifted me with Ellery the Elf for St. Patrick’s day in 2011. He is from the old Ella sculpt and she made ears that have stayed on thru coming to the US from Canada, from being tossled around by my 5 year old greatgrandson, and from being a favorite friend to my new three kittens. She managed to get those ears on for a lifetime!
Get in touch with her and ask how she did it.

Oh my gosh, that’s an incredible baby.
And what a creative way to post the listing!

Thank you kimomax! That’s a great tutorial. I have sculpted a bit but wasn’t sure when to sculpt the ears on so that helps a lot. And Joy you are so lucky to have been gifted a little elf! I might have to pm her. I was think little caleb or rosebud might make a good little fairy… Hmmm more and more projects! We’ll just say I’m getting ready for Christmas, right? Thank goodness there’s a lot of girls in my family that like reborn babies!