Factory painted dolls on reborns.com

Dave has made a filter for factory painted dolls. His reasoning is that it will keep them from being mixed in on the front page with artist painted dolls. I think it’s a mistake. The beauty and uniqueness of this site has always been that it was only for genuine reborns. Fakes, copies and factory painted were blocked. So now this site is just like all the rest and will cost more per month in January. I think he’s going to lose business because of it.

I collect American Girl dolls as well as Barbie and handmade OOAK dolls. I don’t know if I will personally be using the feature as I am not looking to add to my collection right now, but I do think it is useful for people who collect many types of dolls. I would be much more willing to buy a used American Girl doll from someone with good reviews on reborns.com than I would on eBay.

Who knows, it could become the go-to spot for buying and selling all types of dolls one day. We don’t seem to have a centralized place online for doll sellers that is well known (at least to me), this could be their chance to be that website.

I thought factory painted just meant dolls that have been assembled by us with no details added, i.e. Kinby, the piglets, and the monkeys. I don’t think he’d allow anything else such as copies or other types of dolls non reborn to be mixed in.


People do collect all types of dolls like the American girls, Lee Middleton, Ashton Drakes etc. I started out that way. Over time I have moved over to reborn and downsized my Middletons to just a handful of special ones. I have no AD left. I sold everything else and at the time had to sell on Ebay. I can see people appreciating having a safer place to buy and sell such dolls. I don’t have a problem with it myself as long as they are kept to their own category.


But the site is reborns. com. Doesn’t make sense if he is just going to let everything on there. I mean, if it is only the Libby’s and painted pigs that’s different, but I could see people just selling any old doll.