If you have a facebook and want to get to know me… Just friend request me
Facebook … 1005566476

Hi Brenda, I sent you a request, I am Katie Perry

Got it , thanks Katie

I sent you a request also

My family fusses at me for not getting on facebook more often. Took me forever to remember how to sign off the first half dozen times I was on it! Maybe I’ll get brave enough to get on and friend you tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for adding me …

Hi, I just sent you a request too. Please LIKE “Until Forever Nursery” and get to know me! Thanks!

— Begin quote from “robincarrol”

Brenda did you add me?

— End quote

I think I did is your last name Summers?

request sent!!

I sent request also


I sent you a friend request

— Begin quote from “monique39”

Hi Brenda, I just sent you a request.

— End quote

Got it … thanks