Facebook People!

Hi everyone. A lot of you know that I support the Global Hydreanencephaly Foundation. A lot of you will remember the prayers for Brayden who sadly passed away in November. His Mom Alicia has become a dear friend over the years and is an amazing woman. She founded the foundation. They are in a competition to win a $500.00 donation to the foundation. You don’t have to do anything except like the page on facebook. They need to reach 5000 likes before Feb. 1st. This is a legimate thing not like those ones where you see facebook will donate so much money for each like. This is a private donation that is being made. Here is the link.
Facebook - log in or sign up … foundationIf you would all go like I would be greatful

I liked it 1 is not much but all I can do so maybe others will also.



I clicked on like so hopefully, it worked…I am a disaster at facebook. Took me an hour once to find the stupid button to sign off…only to find out from my daughter later that day that I didn’t need to sign off. But looks like they are getting close to the 5,000 mark. Hope that Jesus will come soon to cure all these diseases and conditions especially the ones that affect children.

liked! good luck

I “liked” too and BOL!

Did you get enough likes?