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I didn’t realize it was so many reborn pages on Facebook. I did a search n started liking pages. Is it a certain amount of pages you can like? I liked at least 50 or more then after that, it wouldn’t let me like anymore pages. Some pages were people from this forum.


You can “like” as many pages as you want! Here’s some of the pages from BB members:



there is a 50 per day limit on fb liking that even goes for clicking like on a post.

Really? I have never seen that. lol

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Found this:

How many pages can you like with an account?
The technically facebook fan page like limit is 5.000 per user.
If you unlike some, you will be able to like fan pages again!

  • There is no daily limit
  • No unlike limit
  • no other like limitations (post, image)
  • max 5.000 fan page likes

Facebook “Like” limits


Thanks, I’ll wail a lil while before I try to like some more. Thanks for the link. Your page was one I came across n liked.

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Maybe not on page likes but I have liked 50 comments or post’s in one day and I got a notice that I had to wait 24hrs before I could click like again because I had hit the daily limit of 50.

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So weird. Guess I dont like enough stuff… :stuck_out_tongue: lol