Eyes set

Hey can I get your all’s opinion on the eyes if they look right?


got a pic?

I don’t want them to look crossed


I was always advised to set the eyes as if the baby is looking slightly to the side. It just looks more realistic than them looking straight forward.

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I think they look great!

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I always go by the light glint in the eye. Once you take a pic look for it to see if it is in the same place on each eye. If they are centered evenly it will be. The exception to this will be when 2 eye sockets are not cut exactly the same. I have had that happen and then I have to go by what looks more centered rather than where the glint its. It appears this might be the case with yours there and based on looking at them straight on they look pretty even.

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I think they look good.

Maybe I need coffee before looking at these kinds of pictures. :rofl:


They did pass that test