Eyes on Berenguer babies

How do you change the eyes on a berenguer baby?
How do you know what size they are?

Berenguer kits - Angel Face/Snookie take 18mm eyes. LA newborns (14") take 16mm eyes. Half round.

I’ve warmed the heads with a heatgun for a few moments, and inserted the eyes from the front. Easier that way! They are made of really hard vinyl. Hope this helps!

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Gotta be very careful with inserting from the front, but Berenguers are made of very hard vinyl and I find it easier that way. There is one 14" with barely opened eyes, I didn’t change them yet, but on that one I will need to insert them from the back.

Marcy, I’ve always cut the back of the eye open and changed them from the inside. ( a quick trip into the oven makes it much easier ) What baby are you doing?? Some take 18mm and most of the others take 20mm. I think I used 22mm for the one with the really big open eyes but that was because I didn’t want any white showing around the outside. Somewhere I have an old list of faces and the eye size they needed. I will try and find it.

Actually I don’t even know what size it is. I am getting it from Carmen for a custom all vinyl with “no gender”. My customer liked the face so it’s size didn’t matter. I guess I will find out in a few days when the package arrives.

I always warm the head and then cut slits in the sockets and insert from inside the head. They will split going in from the front if you are not careful.

To measure the diameter of your doll’s eyes, the eye socket should be measured in millimeters (mm) from corner-to-corner, as illustrated.

I did find this info: http://pictures.bountifulbaby.com/inven … geyes.html

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The following babies take 18mm eyes:

14" Lots to Love
15" Carry Me
16" La Baby
17" La Newborn
17" La Newborn Moments
20" La Baby AA
20" La Baby, open eye closed mouth, shy baby (like Luke here).
20" La Baby, new face (like Alexis here), however some prefer
       a 20mm eye on this doll for a sweeter look.

The following babies take 22mm eyes:

20" open eye, open mouth baby (like Skyler here)
17" Lots to Love Babies

For the SE babies, the best fit is the 20mm glass oval flat back eyes (our items #390, #391, #392, or #422). Denise sometimes uses 20mm or 22mm mouth blown glass eyes for the SE babies, but this requires cutting some of the vinyl away on the inside to get them to set right (NOTE: for such hard-to-set eyes, like when using full round eyes for the SE babies rather than glass oval eyes, use E6000 glue rather than Gem-Tac).

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