Eyes- glass vs acrylic

I recently purchased some glass eyes (oval) and they’re tricky to position but so much prettier than the acrylic I had been using. Do you have a favorite supplier/type of eye for reborning? I love the big doe eyes on a baby but can’t do the half glass eyes at $30-$40 a pair.

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I really prefer oval glass over acrylic. More realistic ! But the choice of colors is pretty limited. Full glass eyes are really too much expensive for me. I would love to try Ecoyo direct on the website but it’s more than 30$cad shipping…

You can purchase eyeco polyglass eyes from Dollssoreal.com


Less choice and almost as expensive. Not a lot of options in Canada.

I buy my eyes from Dolls SoReal and Iartreborn Ltd
They’re gorgeous and worth every dime.


I have some pretty oval flat backs that are glass from BB. They go on sale one in a while. I think I got mine for under 8 bucks and they look really nice.

Try putting the oval eyes in vertically. Seems to work better for me.