Eyes for Tinky

Where are you finding eyes for Tinky? She needs 26mm. I’m only seeing up to 24mm …looking for poly glass

Sarah Mellman Enchanted Kreature kits, the producer of the kit has some on her website https://www.enchantedkreaturekits.com/enchanted-store


I got the dollssoreal brand Sapphire blue for mine but they haven’t arrived yet.


Yeah, I saw those, but I’m looking for polyglass. I find they’re more real looking

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I don’t know if they exist in that size. I do like the dollssoreal brand and find them pretty realistic. I’ve used the sapphire in multiple dolls before. Let me find some pics
Old pic warning (this doll is not very good lol, I painted her in 2016)

and more recently on this baby


I’ve got them from Irresistibles. but mine are acrylic, not a poly glass.

Ok, thanks

I love the eyes from dolls so real and they are an affordable price

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Me too, they’re my favorite! Especially because of the price

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I have never triet the sapphire but they are beautiful !! I’m going to order some