Eyes for Liam Brown

I’m working on my Liam and right now the biggest eyes I have are 22mm acrylic. They look okay but are a bit loose. I know Glass eyes are sometimes bigger than the acrylic so I was wondering what eyes did y’all use for yours? I want to do glass but I dont know if I should get 22 or 24 mm. Thanks for any help!

I got 24mm but used acrylic

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I used 24mm acrylic also.

I used 24mm as well but I used flat backed glass eyes.

Thank you all for the replies! @RebornsbyZebra would you mind sharing a picture so I could see how the glass flat backed looked?

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Here you go, I am anxious to start painting another Liam, this one was done the Christmas before last, so not my best work and not the best lighting but this is the only closeup I have.

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Thank you for sharing. She is beautiful! Those lips are perfection :heart_eyes:

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Thank you :blush:
Im wanting to make a boy this time :slight_smile:

Oh, I found another closeup of her eyes


Those are gorgeous! Do you happen to remember where you got them? Thats just the color I am looking for

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Super pretty and perfect size!!

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Pretty sure I got them from Puppetraumland in Germany. https://www.puppen-traumland.de/shop/en