Eyelashes help

Do you guys root your eyelashes or glue on? Is rooting hard for eyelashes?

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I don’t do open eyed babies often, the last one I did was a toddler and I used glue on eyelashes for her and they looked fine. For newborns rooting would be better but you can use the glue on ones if you can’t root them.


Thank you. I’m not sure what I’m more afraid of Glue or rooting. I’m messy with glue. It’s a newborn

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I used a toothpick and a tiny amount of glue. I did still manage to get glue on the eye but I was able to peel it off once it dried. Using a clear glue helps too
Most ladies root the eyelashes on newborns. Some even look okay without eyelashes (an unpopular opinion lol)


I use applied lashes and use Gem Tack or Tacky Glue!


I use the fake lashes. I use a toothpick to place the lash where I want it. I use gloss polyacrylic. I take a small brush and dip it in the gloss. I let a few drops drip onto the eye. I then take the brush and push the gloss up under the lash. I then spread it over the entire eye. It dries clear and secures the lash at the same time. It does not get yellow. Makes lashes super easy.


I love this eyelash glue, and washes off with a wet q-tip before it dries


I’ve never rooted an open eyed baby. I’m too afraid I’ll mess them up. If they’re not done really well, they look awful. I use tacky glue and a toothpick to apply them. I use the wispy baby lashes on the newborns.

Thank you so much. Do you use the eye lash strips?

Where do you get the gloss poly acrylic

Dolls By Sandie has Eyeco Poly Glass eyes. They’re very nice and reasonably priced. She’s also having a great sale for cyber Monday-buy one $89.99 kit & get one free.

Walmart. It’s a fairly small can. I think it’s Minwax.

I only root sleeping babies, which I don’t make many of anymore. I like the applied ones better with toddlers, ad they will never droop :slight_smile:

I have started rooting all of my babies in the last year or so. The sleeping babies are very easy to root because you just follow the lines of the closed lid and then glue inside. The Awake babies are a little harder because the lid is so small and you have to get the angle right and then get the glue inside the little opening, but it’s doable.