Eyeco poly glass vs lauscha glass eyes

i want to paint the sclera blue on the eyeco polyglass eyes. they can be heated up to something in the neighborhood of 275F .

have any of you done this?

i use ghsp but also have some acrylics. i didn’t have a problem finding info on ghsp on lauscha eyes but don’t see much about painting eyeco.

ps the browns are glass. all others are polyglass

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I tried to paint glass eyes with Genesis and the paint just wiped off does not matter how long I baked. In the end I used glass painting transparent paint, which had to be baked for over an hour and it worked fine. I have not tried the acrylic.

yea i’ve tried several times, baked, waited days. then it wiped right off with no effort whatsoever. i’ll try the glass paint . i found one called maribu that works on glass and plastics.

Please post to let us know if it works!

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i think the glass paint I used was called Pebeo Vitrea, and it was the transparent one and they claimed it will withstand washing in the dishwasher


I’ve done lots of experimenting over the weekend and landed on this. This paint will cure on glass with 30 mins of baking. The white bottle is the thinner. Just paint it with a steady hand around edge of pupil and let gravity pull it down. It’ll even out on its own for the most part. You can test directly on eye because it won’t leave any stain until cured. Wipes off easily. I didn’t need mine totally perfect around the whole surface because I’m using Asher and he barely has visible whits. So On these I just made sure it was even where whites will show. I was able to get it even on entire surface pretty easily but kept wiping it off just to experiment with stuff. You could also mask out pupil and use an eye dropper. The alcohol is just to clean eyes before getting started

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Nice! love that look! @jeepers

@anon77773884 did you paint the eye after you inserted them or before?

Done!! The blue paint withstood the vigorous rubbing and wet (water and alcohol separately) qtip test. It will not hold up to a fingernail scratch so don’t do that! BUT It might now that I’ve done the pledge drops . I ended up baking at 265 in half hour increments. 1 hr total