NOT my favorite to paint, EVER…grrrrrrrrr…and guess what I’m painting today??!

Anyway, I tried to find some kind of chart or something to go by and found this in my search. I realize this is not a baby, but hope it helps someone; it really helpd me. I tend to go too big and too long with mine. Wish I could find something similar to this for infants, but no luck so far.

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Okay, found a couple that are pretty good examples of shape, I guess:
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And one more, just because this is one cute kid!

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This doesn’t have the “where to place them” markings, but I think this is a great tutorial for brows. tip toe workshop: 2011 … y.html?m=1

I know this sure helps me. Thank you very much. Plus the babies are so cute.

You have to center the brow line (center) on the brow ridge – then hair grows from below that line, slightly above the bone. Hard to describe, but even with a frown, (look in the mirror) the hair grows from beneath the brow bone itself, which I am calling center ending above the bone generally. Not straight lines – if you at the photos, or as I said, even in the mirror, it will help with placement.

Try googling newborn photography and you will be amazed at how little eyebrows that most newborns have. And some are so light, you can’t hardly see them.

Some of the sculpts are a bit difficult as the brow ridge is not prominent, but then you use your eyes and judge for placement…too high - they look surprise, too low, wrong too, you should be able to “place” the brow on most babies though.

I think that TOO far towards the nose, or TOO far on the outside edge makes for a strange look too. I would rather see NO brows than poorly done brows.

I agree – NONE are better than poorly done brows.