Eyebrows will be the death of me! Please help!

I love the whole reborning process even the rooting but eye brows are not my friend!!! I always feel like the look stupid and I end up wiping them off. I have two completely painted babies with no eyebrows. So I’m stuck. I can’t go any further til I do them. Somebody please tell me a simple stress free (if possible) to do these eyebrows. I’m about ready to cry and just have brow less babies :frowning: Thanks in advance.

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you can use these templates http://www.ebay.com/itm/REALISTIC-REBORN-BABY-DOLL-EYEBROW-STENCILS-12-sets-OOAK-Easy-2-Use-FastDelivery-/300818886303?hash=item460a33ee9f:m:mxaj1Z_c1oE7fmh3KX1V0-w

and there is a great tutorial…let me see if I can find it…


Here it is =)

Hang in there!!!..I find it easiest for me to start my eyebrows with prisma pencil then paint them, if that helps?..You could even use regular pencil to mark them out before you paint.


little babies do not have prominent eyebrows. paint them only very lightly, just a shadow and you cannot go wrong. So many people make the mistake of painting them too dark and end up with baby that looks like if they have 2 hairy caterpillars on their forehead.


Best best is to go lightly! ! Study photos of real babies, or children,please do not just do a upwards sweep…lol. no ones eyebrows look like that. Ive seen people just do the hairs straight up and down.


Have a brush with very few hairs- like 3. I like the burnt umber color- it is a neutral color with none of the orangey tones some browns have. If all you have is regular brown, a little trick is to have a teeny bit of blue to neutralize the orange. Practice on a piece of paper with a pen first - No coffee-lol- too shakey and draw an arched line on the paper - then draw lines coming up to the arched line- under and above. All very soft. Keep the brow measuring nose to outside of eye and on the brown bone, not above or below. (which I see a lot) Here is a pretty good example


Try prisma pencils and see if they work for you. Go very light, and look at the brows of a real baby. Notice where the brows are located on the real baby. It’s best to look for a baby with the same expression you want on your baby. If your baby is relaxed the brows will be low but if surprised, they may be higher. Brows are normally much lower than people think…lying right along the brow ridge. If you use a light touch at first it will give you a pattern to follow as you darken the brow slightly, adding a few darker hairs and leaving the light hairs beneath. Some people obsess about getting the eyebrows to look exactly the same. On real people they look similar, but not “cookie cutter”. I would advise against the templates someone suggested. I don’t see how a template could give you a natural eyebrow. Most babies brows are “barely there”. So go light and darken slowly until you reach your goal. There are good eyebrow patterns around, and I’m sure someone will suggest one. They are just for examples but really help you to learn hair direction, etc. I can’t remember where any of them are right now. Sorry.


Here is how Sylvia E does it: http://doll-fan.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=354517&sid=a8e4af5361c33948be08a4279b6573d2#p3157023

LOLOLO that’s what I do cause I can’t see the light ones !!!

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Thank you all so much! You all make it look so easy and effortless! I had to take a break from them today. I’m gonna attempt to paint them tomorrow if time allows. Hopefully I won’t make myself insane. I will try to post pics if I can figure it out. One of the babies I’m working on was mine when I was a child. I’m 40 now so this baby is around 30 yrs old. I stripped him and decided to reborn him. Of course I will continue to hold on to him but I’d love for him not to have caterpillars on his forehead. Lol He holds a lot a sentimental value to me and I want him as perfect as I can possibly make him. Thank you all again for your time and patience. You are all simply wonderful. I’ve learned so much from this forum! :slight_smile:


Hi Helpfull Ladies. Can I ask you here how you make 3D eyebrows ??

I have eyebrow trouble too LOL

Wasnt that baby the one that showed how to root eyebrows. But yes its a good example for placement :slight_smile:

I use a brush with very few hairs left on it. I am also bad about going too dark but i go back over it after its flashed dry, with a sponge with a tiny bit of thinner and gently pounce all over the brow till it lightens up. It will also soften the look. Save all the baby images of eyebrows for future references. If i see a nicely done eyebrow i will save the picture so i can refer back to it at a later date.

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Yes i’m rooting eyebrows and I can paint eyebrows, but 3D eyebrows!! I have never heard about this until a Lady in this forum
said a little about this, and i’m curios about to do it,I have some babies who looks like newborns, and maybe it will wrong to roote them,
(hard looking)

Yes it was. It is posted on Baby Banter.

Honestly i dont like the 3D eyebrows. It can be done right but ive redone a few babies that were painted by other artists and they attempted it with bad results. My redo babies , the eyebrows are the first things i remove and redo lol. If you decide to try it you can mix a little bit of the same color you used to paint them or a slight different shade and mix glazing gel or thickening medium or both and mix till its runny like yogurt, yes thickening medium gets soft when its being mixed. You can then either paint very thin strokes over the painted hair or use a toothpick and thinnly apply it like you painted the hairs directionally. It can be done to look nice, just takes some patience.

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Ladies, you are indeed really sweet and helpful, thank you so much. I can se it’s not so easy to make the eyebrows 3D tickness, I will ofcause give it a try,
but I will sure go on with rooted eyebrows.
Hugs to all of you