Eyebrow emergency

I’m making this pale blonde baby and just did her eyebrows. Do they seem too dark? I used the brow blonde from bountiful baby and they seem to have a green tint to them that is driving me crazy too. Problem is I already baked and varnished them because they seemed ok but now they are bothing me. Is there any way to fix them? Could I go over them with another color and rebake them? I’m afraid to mess her up but I’m not happy with them either.

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Looks good to me. Eyebrows are one of those things I’m never happy with either but in the pic they look to match up pretty well with her hair.

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They look good to me too, but if they are really bothering you, you could go in with highlights. I use air dry paint, so I don’t know anything about baking… I think people cover hair with a wet towel or something like that.

P.s. I hate eyebrows. :grin:

I had this problem the other day. I had used the brow blonde and then went back and used a lighter prisma pencil which looked good giving highlights. But, as the others have said, I think yours look good.

I kept feeling like they looked green but thought maybe it was me but then my daughter said they looked a little green. I will not be using that brow blonde again. I do have the pencil, maybe I’ll try that.

Maybe they look greenish because of blue shading underneath??

That’s a possibly. There isn’t a lot of blue in the face but there is some there. I noticed these pictures almost make it look like there is a blue line though the face which may be the lighting. Here is a different angle.

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That looks much better! It’s crazy what lighting can do!

It is. I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned the blue but I was doing everything with my cell phone.

Highlight with flesh 8. Very fine strokes. Should cover some of the under brow reducing how much green you see. And it will lighten the brows and soften them.

In the future, a touch of red cuts green.