Eye sizes are they a deal breaker

are the size of the eyes a deal breaker, do they have to be the size stated. for paige it states 20mm can a 22mm fit or is there a real difference in sizes?

As long as the eye sets flush against the inside of the rim all the way around the eye there should be no problem using a size larger eye.

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I find that the recommended sizes are sometimes too big for my liking. I have a stash of eyes so I can see which gives the best expression. If they’re on the small side for the socket, I insert them from the back and glue them. Once the head is weighted and stuffed they can’t come out.

You can do either depending on the look you are wanting… and like rainbow said…they sit properly. I do know some artist that tend to always go the next size up but it is more preference on what you like. The larger eyes will have less white showing on the sides so keep that in mind…many newborns do tend to have larger eyes and less white showing. I have done both but usually go with the recommended size unless there is too much eye white showing and makes the baby look startled… :smile:

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I play around with the eye sizes, too.

I have a rather large collection of eyes too. I try at least a 5 or 6 pair (maybe more) in different sizes and colors before I find what looks the best.