Eye size Skeeter fairy

I have a fun discontinued Skeeter fairy. Does anyone have pictures of theirs? What eye size is correct? 16 or 18? Thanks!!!

I just recently sold this kit from my stash so I don’t have a picture of her finished. But I do have it documented that her recommended eye size is 16 oval.

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I bought these and they fit through the front. Her vinyl is so hard and her head is so small I can’t imagine putting eyes through the back. These were a tight squeeze too

I’ll take pics when I’m home… and can find her eyes lol

BB discontinued her body so I’ll have to make one I think


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It’s hard putting through the back this only picture i could find

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Thank you

Oh wow! 14! Ok I’ll see what I can find. Her vinyl is SOOOO hard!

I’ll try the front after heating. That’s a lot of cute fairies!!

14mm you could fit the 16mm mAybe after heating or from the back. There is quite a bit of wiggle in there. I’m not sure if the iris would be to big :thinking: I kinda like the amount that shows with the 14’s though I wish I had 16’s to test


Oh wow! Thank you so much! Maybe I’ll do 14s with stuffing behind

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Your welcome :blush:

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