Eye Size for Jenny

Can anyone tell me what size eyes the Jenny kit takes. She is the down syndrome baby by Alicia Tonner? Thanks

If this is Jenny by Alicia Toner you are talking about she takes 22mm eyes

Thank you for your quick answer. Love this forum.

You’re very welcome! Would love to see her finished if you would like to post pics here…I think she is an adorable little one! :wink:

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I just sold the kit to a friend of mine but when she finishes reborning it maybe I can get her to post. I really wanted to reborn it but when I saw the size of her head I knew it would be a challenge to root. My friend loves her and is planning on keeping her for her doll collection.

She is a cute one so don’t blame her…that will be a nice addition to any collection… :wink:

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