Eye position

I don’t know if they will be aligned! which one is better? the second photo is the same as the one below but taken at different angles


I’d say the 1st. Beautiful !

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Thank’s :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The eyebrows and varnish are still missing, as you see, will you be ready to varnish?

Thank’s :kissing_heart: , I have made few babies awake and I have a hard time putting my eyes​:sleepy:


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I like them best in the 1st picture.

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Thank you so much girls :kissing_heart:

first one for me

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J’aime le premier.

I turned right eye a little more to my thumb


I prefer number one.

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thank you ladies for your help, if I think I’ll go for the first one, I think that’s the way you like it more thanks from the heart😘