Eye help

I’m looking for some eyes, preferably glass but acrylics work too, in this grayish green color, like an olive color. The green ones I’ve seen have been too green for a young baby, but some in this color would be nice I think. These are pics I just grabbed off of google to show the color I’m looking for:wMuHROeuMLylu21JvFp1fw02TRvQ48UI_lg 5KtBcaNAiehWqd1UHRAmrxTkYBzK78S2_lg.jpg


Try Eyeco site, they have a big color choice.

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Not extract but



What size do you need? I’ve got a pair of 18mm glass eyes, in a hazel color. :blush:

Yes, Eyeco has a lot of nice colors.

Thank you so much! These are perfect, exactly what i was looking for :hugs:

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