Eye help!

Have any of you reborn “Phillipe” by Manuel Muth? I have just finished him and getting ready to place eyes and I have a serious problem and do not know what to do…The eye socket seems to be too deep…I have tried 20mm and l8mm and now have the 16 mm which are the ones he needs and they just float around in there…The vinyl circle was already cut, so I just placed them in there, but what can I do to hold them? If I just glue the flap back on, I don’t think it will do it…I am just sick, because I worked so hard on him and he is so cute…any suggestions from anyone would certainly be appreciated!




I always cut a piece of felt and glue it with E6000 over the back of the socket, even if it has a flap. And that ‘stuff’ will hold it nice and snug. Can’t wait to see your ‘baby’.


Thanks ladies…you all are great! Guess I was in panic mode because this never happened to me before…I used polyfill and it held them…Phew…where would I be without Y’all???