Eye gloss

I have some babies that I did a couple of years ago. I glossed the eyes. They have been completely wrapped in their blankets in their closed shipping boxes during that time. They are not dirty or dusty, but the eyes are dull. Now I’m hesitant to gloss the eyes. Most of them seem pretty shiny as is.


Yeah, I’ve never really seen the point of glossing eyes. I did once and didn’t like it. :sweat_smile:

I only gloss really newborn babies.

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What product did you use to gloss them?

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Bloomers n Bows gloss. I used Aleene’s Paper Glaze on a more recent one but it’s not as glossy.

That is exactly what I have found happens with the glosses over the eyes…I have been reborning for 7 years and have been collecting reborns for over 10 years and every single doll that I have ever bought with gloss on the eyes have ended up with dull eyes…I have had to replace the eyes in every single one…some of them just go dull and others actually turn sticky and gooey so must depend on the type of gloss used (and believe me when I say that before I started reboring myself I had purchased well over 200 reborns from other artist…) I glossed a few eyes when I first started reborning in 2009 but stopped doing it about 6 months into reborning because I started noticing the eyes in some of the ones in my collection going off…When I had my Gift shop, I sold reborns in there and had a friend that I allowed to put her dolls in there as well…she always glossed the eyes and after about a year and a half, I started having customers bringing their dolls back in to see if I knew how to clean the eyes…they had all turned dull so I replaced the eyes in most of them and told my friend not to gloss hers any more because of what was happening…Most eyes are glossy enough without adding the gloss anyway…

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yes, I never add the gloss either. I think they look better without.

I won’t be glossing anymore but now I’m worried about the ones I’ve already sold.

I’ve heard that Aleene’s Paper Glaze can turn the eyes dull.

I have decided to never gloss again. How awful to have them get sticky!

aleenes paper glaze has a shelf life even though the bottle doesn’t have an expiration. It will make the eyes very dull. I learned that watching custom doll babies youtube videos. She uses a product called resin and you have to mix the two parts.