Eye Adjusters

Has anyone used these?


I haven’t tried this, but I found this similar item on amazon a while ago. I thought about using it for adjusting eyes. It’s been sitting in my cart for a while. I just need to bite the bullet and try it!

I have the first one. I like it, especially for second hand heads that the sockets have been cut off. For those, you have to hold it until the glue sets some but you can get the eye in the position you want even without a socket.

I just ordered these off of Amazon. Will let you know soon. :slight_smile:


The first one… Works okay… Just another gadget in my tool box now…

I bought one a long time ago and tried it a couple times. I didn’t find it really useful and forgot about it until you mentioned it. I can see how it might be useful for those cut out eyes though…


I haven’t even attempted eyelashes lol

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