Extra length for Libby?

Hi there everyone! So I have a weird question. Ok so for Extra length would the 26 inch body with 3/4 limbs work for Libby? I like the extra length for my chubby babies. I was also wondering about this because the 3 month Joseph Realborn Kit is 23 inches and i’ve Heard of others using bigger bodies for him like a 30 inch Emmy body.

Are you talking about Bountiful Baby’s 22 Libby?

Libby is 22-23 inches long. I just would like a little longer of a body.

I’m not sure how the 26 inch would look for a larger newborn size baby. I think the reason they were using a 26 and 30 inch on 3 month Joseph was due to his chunky arms and legs.

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Oh ok. That makes sense. Thanks :slight_smile: