Extra arms....what to do with them

I don’t know how many out there are like me, but I pretty much almost always switch out the 3/4 arms for full ones. Now I have a bunch of 3/4 arms. Any ideas of what to do with them?

I thought about saving them to make cuddle babies when heads come up available. Any other ideas?

Eight armed octopus baby? :joy:
A cuddle baby with arms may be a good bet. You’d have the cuddly legs and body, but more clothing options.


Sell them. Everyone wants different limbs for Shyann. I like the 3/4 bodies for the cuddle factor and want different ones for her myself. Let me know if you sell any open hand for 19’ baby.

I would try to sell a lot of them on the forum and then on ebay

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Good ideas. I don’t know which kits most of them came from. I’ll have to take pictures. Thanks.


Hi! Do you have Kitten kit legs?

No, sorry. The Cuddles/Kitten/Ladybug legs were grabbed up really fast on ebay.

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Take pictures and sell them. If you can, list size baby they would fit. Cuddle baby arms are a good idea and if nothing else they could be used as test parts.


I’ve seriously thought of making a hanging coat rack using 3/4 arms as the hooks! LOL

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Oh, how fun would that be!?

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@pschomaker @2layz Do you have any open hand 20 inch 3/4 arms you re willing to sell?

I don’t have any stray arms right now, but I’ve got a bunch of kits I’d sell that have 3/4 arms. If you have specific ones in mind just let me know and I may be able to fix you up.

@2layz No I don’t have anything in mind, I was going to get Shyann when she is on sale and wanted different arms. Thanks anyway though!

Take pictures and some measurements - around the flange and length. Long time ago I wanted different limbs for a doll I was making and ended up with 3 sets before I got one that was suitable. They all said “suitable for X cm doll” but some were tiny and others too fat to fit the body I had. That was when I was just starting to reborn, so I had some rather expensive practice parts. :slight_smile: