Experiences with custom orders?

I’d like to get a second (and last)baby and I’m tempted to get a custom, but I’m so afraid of ending up not “clicking” with the result.
For those of you who have had experiences making or requesting customs, have those experiences been mostly positive or not?

I’m half tempted to buy all materials and just make it myself instead, but it feels like too much for only one doll

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most of my work is custom orders,and I love doing them…I don’t think I had a bad custom order completed in 12 years, actually,thinking about it

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Although it is great to see others work in person I can tell you it is such a awesome feeling to be able to make your own doll. You can tell an artist oh I like this or I like that but half the time from my experience anyways you have this doll pictured in your head on how you expect the doll to look and you receive the doll and you sometimes think wow this isn’t what I pictured at all! Now don’t get me wrong people get custom dolls all the time and it turns out perfect. I guess I am just really picky how I like my dolls to look haha!

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I have to say, that I am dealing with exactly what you’re talkin about right now. My first doll was accustomed that was made to look exactly like my son when he was a newborn. The artist did a great job and the baby looks just like him, but I rarely hold him and don’t feel much connection to him. I’m even considering selling him now. My only hang up with selling him is that he looks just like my son and it makes me feel irrationally guilty to sell a baby that looks like my baby used to look.


I even thought about that last part. In my case, I want a reborn looking like how I imagine a future son with my husband would look (as we’re not in a position to have kids now), so if I end up not liking the doll or wanting to sell it, it’d be a bit awkward.

I know how you feel. I want to make my next doll myself, but at the same time, I am scared it may not turn out how I want, because I never done a doll before. At the same time, I feel it’d be a lot cheaper than $650+ and I am addicted to having new reborns. I know it’s a big investment in time and a lot of patience.

I clicked with all 7 of my reborns, but my two non-custom ones I just can’t click with…sometimes it takes me longer with some dolls.

All but one of my dolls are custom orders. I would have to say that out of 5 custom dolls, only 1 turned out exactly how I envisioned.

It’s not the fault of the artist. Sometimes, what you have in your head just does not match the end result.

But here is the thing, I had very good artists. Done my research and everything on them, looked at reviews. 4 of 5 kept me updated with lots of progress pictures, and yeah, it was turning out a bit different, but at the same time, I can tell the love put into it, the detail, they were doing everything exactly how I wanted with the hair color, freckles, birthmarks, and other details (I always leave my artists with freedom other than hair color (sometimes texture like for one I wanted curly), eye color, and skin), but everyone won’t share your exact vision, or it may not look like you envisioned in person.

Do your research and find a good artist. Just don’t be a complete butt to the artist and get angry because it isn’t the exact baby you had in your thoughts, especially if the artist is really nice and accommodating.

But I ended up loving them all at the end, even the one that didn’t really keep me updated and I saw it when she was finished. (Guess she was lucky). I mean his hair turned out a lot longer than I wanted, but hey.

Research artists. See lots of their work. Find someone you click with.
Because if the doll is the first you attempt to make it most likely won’t come out how you want. First babies usually don’t.

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I definitely wouldn’t suggest buying the materials and creating your own doll. I’m sure most of us (even prototype artist) were not pleased with our first reborn and looking back, we would change SO many things on our first reborns :smile:!!
Do your homework and make sure the artist you choose provides several pictures of their own work!! This is super important!! Be upfront with your price point. I’d suggest providing the most important details (some artists provide a form for you to fill out with details such as hair color, eye color, birthmarks,etc.) but, be confident enough in your artist to allow some artistic freedom. As pictures are provided along the way, if you see something you’re not satisfied with, don’t wait until later to mention it. It’s much harder to go back and change something the further you get in the reborning process. Details and color can always be added but, removing color or detail is not easily reversed. Enjoy the journey and have fun!! There’s nothing more satisfying as reborn artist than to know we’ve created a beautiful baby that is loved and cherished by his or her new mommy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I wouldn’t try to make your own. It’ll cost a lot in supplies and nobody makes a perfect first doll. For just one doll it’s really not worth it.
Try looking around and finding an artist you like.