Expensive vs cheaper kits

I make my own bodies too and it seems easier to sew the two ends on the casing together then sew it on the body.

Wow so talented, I sew from time to time, I may try to make my own body - one day. Where do you get the material and what kind do you use?

Here Spearson I use mainly the pink, also used the tan for bit suntanned babies and the brown for AA

I also hand stitch the circles, and it takes time, and it is not easy to get to it with the sewing machine, especially on small dolls, and I am hardly ever happy with the way it looks, and often it takes me couple of tries to get a circle I think is OK, and swear i will never do another one. :slight_smile: I try only to buy kits with full limbs IF they come with really well made and well fitting body. If all kits start coming with full limbs, it looks like I will be only buying Gudrun Legler and Marita Winters dolls. :smile:


@ludmila thank you! I bookmarked it.