Ever say you would help someone then want to back out?

Have you ever told someone you would help them and do something for them and then it turned into more than you realized you were volunteering for? Well, I had said I would hem and alter a wedding dress and then put rhinestones on it. This is a girl who has been thru so much ad deserves to be happy. Anyway they bring me this beautiful $800. wedding dress. Oh my gosh I was expecting maybe a $200. dress. I have been dreading doing this since I saw the price tag but it is done now. I have to just figure out the rhinestones and pattern to put them on it.
I prayed for a steady hand and no needles on my sewing machine to break. God guided me thru it! I hopefully will not have to work on another dress this expensive ever again. The first one she tried on was $2000. I told her no way would I have touched that with my hands or machine.

Oh boy, good luck! Let us know how you’re doing with it! Praying for no problems!

Oh WOW!! I used to sew all the time when my daughter was younger and not so much anymore… When she had Proms to attend, I paid someone else to make the dresses because I didn’t want to “take the heat” if it wasn’t “perfect”… Had a lady who did a wonderful job 2 years out of 3 Proms… I sure wouldn’t have tackled a wedding dress (I paid someone to alter the wedding dress for her too) … you are my hero… and a good hearted hero at that!!

Thank you ladies. Pia I think I would have rather made a dress from scratch. I have made several custom wedding dresses and those I did not worry as much about. I have it hemmed and the bust taken up an inch and fourth. She wanted the neckline altered and lowered. I have that done too. The first fitting is tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed it fits right.

Have faith in yourself! I did something recently that I almost regretted as well, but NOT NEARLY that expensive.

If the bride doesn’t mind, could you please post a picture of her dress? I’d love to see! That’s really nice of you to alter it for her.

Tiff…I actually LAUGHED reading what you wrote…I’ve done something similar and wondered what the heck I was thinking…YIKES!!!

Here is the finished product. I thought I would let you see what it looks like. I can not wait to see her walking up the aisle. I lowered the neckline and added all the beads and changed the ribbon to bright pink then put the crystal pin on the back.

Looks beautiful! Glad you finished it! Enjoy the wedding.

You are quite the seamstress.

great job!!!

Thank you all. The wedding is one day after my anniversary. I was married on June 1, 1979 and this will be June 2.

My 45th anniversary is on the 3rd of June.

wow pia we are all close then