Ever got this message?

I was on reborns.com looking at Nod reborns when I got this message. I did look at a lot of them but this hasn’t ever happened before. I don’t know if it’s legitimate and I can’t get into the site at all. The IP address is graphitevault.com with a bunch of garbled letters and numbers after it.

I logged out of the site for a few hours and now I’m able to get back into it again. Weird.


I got that once when I kept editing my listing. Every time I went out of it I remembered something I forgot to add or change so I would go back in. I believe it was after about five times I got that message. I clicked on ‘I’m not a bot’ and got back in.

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Got it often if I open too many listings on reborns.
I just do confirmation and continue.


Yup, happened to me when I was looking at too many listings too quickly.