Ever feel like giving up on a baby :(

I have a Softly Sleeping kit by Reva Schick and Lee Middleton. I paid $100 for it and was so excited to paint it. Then last week after I painted it, it looked horrible, all the mottling was so dark and I just wasn’t happy. So, yesterday I stripped it and started over. Then the mottling once again was coming out so dark, so I had to strip the head again. Now, I am not mottling, but the paint is not sticking at all. It just looks horrible. I washed the vinyl pieces 3 times each time I stripped with soap and hot water and dried them really well. Now, last night I put matte varnish and today I am, going to see if it helps. I’m just getting so discouraged and feel like giving up

OMG…I HATED working on that kit! It was awful!!! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who had problems – misery loves company – LOL. I ended up throwing it in the trash, that’s how bad it was. Worst vinyl I’ve ever tried to paint. I’ll stick to BB vinyl kits. I’m sorry you had such a bad time; maybe yours will work out ~ good luck! Be sure and let us know how it goes.


Start the first layer with Matt varnish then bake . You can add even two layers then start the skin tones. Work on one of the legs first.

Don’t be discouraged. She’s such a sweet little Chubby…before you toss yours in the trash I suggest you put her away and give yourself
a go at someone else for a while. Then come back and start over. Maybe after a bit of time things will look up and work out better.

I’m sorry Karen that your baby ended up getting thrown out. Poor Karen and poor poor baby! Sometimes vinyl is just bad and shouldn’t have been
made for the artist to paint. I found her for sale for $40…maybe this is why.

Thanks, Cindy – it was a few years ago now, so I’m over it. Sort of. The best way to describe that vinyl, at least in my case, was sticky…weird…I much prefer the vinyl of the BB kits.

More than once I have given up on a baby! Usually I eventually finish it even if it isn’t what I want but a few are just languishing in my box making me feel guilty for not finishing them. If worse comes to worse try a darker skintone to cover up the mistakes. Hope that you survive!

Thank you everyone. I think I will put the kit away for a while and work on something else. I have some other kits that I am really looking forward to reborning, so I think I will just focus on those.

I’m stubborn. I NEVER give up! If anyone has kits they’re going to throw in the trash, will you throw them in mine? I’d pay shipping.

I have one recently that half way through rooting I decided I didn’t like the hair and the painted eyebrows. I put her on a shelf and hopefully one day I will get back to her. I had other babies that I wanted to start and I guess my heart just wasn’t into that particular one,

Just to give you hope and encouragement . When you think all hope is lost and the garbage pail is calling for that kit…well strip and try again. I gave up on this one and then revisited her. She got so blotchy and dirty looking that I contemplated the trash but I striped her and threw her in the box for 6 months and then took her out again. Second time was a bit better but not great. I gave her the matt varnish base and it made a huge difference, added a couple more layers of paint. It changed her complexion to quite dark, which was not intended but once all finished she came out pretty cute! She found her way under a Christmas tree and Her mother is thrilled!
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She turned out perfect! I guess there is always hope,